Tuesday, July 26, 2011

wedding weekend

This adorable couple is now enjoying wedded bliss as of their lovely wedding on Saturday.

{Megan + Michael 7.23.11}

Ben + I were blessed to be a part of their ceremony and can't wait to see the rest of the photos. Unfortunately I didn't get a single photo of Ben, myself, or Malakai from the day with my own camera so we'll all have to wait for the professional pictures to come through.

On Friday night we headed to the Oregon coast  for the rehearsal with my mom + sister along for the ride to help us with Malakai. We checked into our hotel and were off to the dinner and to practice for the big day while Kai got incredibly sandy and refused to eat Taco Bell (that's my boy!).

That night sleep eluded us all in our shared double-queen hotel room. Malakai was not a fan of sleeping in a strange place. It took me by surprise after how well he had done camping just weeks before, but many factors played into the different outcome. He wasn't as dead tired as he was while camping from running around all day long, and he didn't have an enclosed sleeping space, free of distractions. He kept trying to climb out of the bed and over to my Mima + Aunt Nans. Then he insisted on sleeping on top of me, or he'd scream at the top of his lungs. So for as long as I could endure, I lay on my back, 6 months pregnant with a 30lb toddler on my stomach. I thought if I could lay there long enough to let him fall into a deep enough sleep I could roll him over. Despite his snoring, he still screamed when I tried to move him! It was a rough night...

The next day we got ready, packed up, and were dropped off at the church once again by my mom + sister. They headed to lunch and for more sandy fun at the beach. We figured if the came to the wedding ceremony Malakai would just call for me when he saw us walk down the isle, so they waited til the reception.

I came with my makeup ready, got my hair done by one of Megan's talented friends, and wrapped myself up into my bridesmaid dress with the help of my fellow bridesmaid Angie. The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was the shortest I'd ever been to. After barely any sleep, I was thankful for the brevity.

{I did get a photo of their fabulous cake!}

We ate cake, mingled as much as we could, took a few more photos with the couple and then sent them off in a rush of blue + purple balloons before packing ourselves up and heading back to the valley.

Kai was overtired from not napping. He spaced out for most of the ride, it took him 45 minutes before he passed out. We came home and all napped for an hour even though it was 5pm- we needed it! The rest of the weekend we spent some time recuperating and visiting with family a bit.

We survived our busy July...a quick recap:
Our 4th wedding Anniversary
having a garage sale
Malakai's 2nd birthday
Bridesmaid + Groomsman

Whew! August, here we come. Here's hoping for warmer weather and a few lazy afternoons by the pool.

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  1. Isnt it amazing how you THINK summer will be all relaxing and fun, and while its fun, you are SO busy! It just flies!


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