Thursday, July 7, 2011

wedded bliss

1 trip to Hawaii
3 homes
hundreds of boxes
1 church
dozens of new friends gained
a handful of old ones lost
5 jobs
2 cats + a few fish
1 guest room turned nursery
1 guest room turned play room
4 tvs
6 coats of paint
dozens of DIY's
3 deaths
hundreds of neighborhood walks
2 pregnancies
2 sons
1 birth, 1 pending
dozens of burger joints
a handful of fancy restaurant dates
not nearly enough movies at the theater
9 seasons of Survivor
121 episodes of Lost
9 birthdays 
4 camping trips
6 hospital visits
1 surgery
0 broken bones
hundreds of arguments
tons of patience + forgiveness
millions of kisses
unending grace
4 years of abounding joy

Ben + I are celebrating our 4th year of wedded bliss today. We feel that this past year has gone by the fastest out of all of them. We actually had to look back at my blog archives to remember what we did for our anniversary last year!

I am just as happy (if not happier) now being Mrs. Pottorf as I was the day it became official just 4 years ago on the most popular of wedding days.




Happy Anniversary to my beloved husband, Ben, the most sincere and patient man I have ever known and the one that will forever have my heart.


  1. The writing on the photos is our vows but for some reason they're harder to read than when I made them. They say:

    "I take you tohave and to hold from this day forward for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness + in healthy, to love , cherish, and forgive until death only do us part according to God's holy plan."

    "I pledge my loyalty to you in all love and honor, duty and servanthood, all faith and tenderness, to live with you and cherish you in a holy bond of marriage"

  2. You guys are too cute!! Congrats. We will also be celebrating 4 years this summer! I love the list you made of all your experiences- such a good idea. I might have to make one that pertains to us for my hubby :)


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