Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thankful on a Thursday: moments

Little moments can change things so quickly. A good day can go downhill and vice versa. Today has been a pretty average day until I let little moments, minor frustrations really, affect my mood and bring me down.  Here's my weekly thankful post to turn my mood around.

I'm thankful for...

731. a deep breath and releasing the "small stuff".

732. for my sweet + adorable son, even when his behavior is very frustrating.

733. our 3rd bedroom that will soon (SOON) become a playroom to remove Malakai's bedtime distractions.

734. three big summer events behind us, and two to go! Megan, I'm so excited to see you walk down the isle and marry your love this weekend!

735. my part time job. While it's a challenge to recruit + maintain a volunteer base, it's a welcome + rewarding one.

736. my full time job. staying home with my son (soon to be sons!) is my dream job and I thank God for allowing things to fall into place so perfectly every day.

737. Our notebook. Ben + I have been writing to each other since he was away at camp for a summer in 2006. There are some things that are easier to put into writing and I just love finding the notebook in random places and reading his sweet words.

738. functioning computers. I take them for granted so often!

739. an impromptu backyard barbecue with some fun friends last night. We need to be spontaneous like that much more often!

740. this weekly ritual to bring me back to what God has blessed me with when it's so easy to see the negative and feel beat down.

What are you thankful for this week?

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