Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thankful on a Thursday: "free" time

This was supposed to be our least busy week of July, but because we had all sorts of "free time" we ended up filling it up with things we couldn't do all of the other busy weeks. We got together with friends that we've been meaning to spend time with for much too long now, we swam, we BBQ'd, I gardened, Kai and I ran errands + went to the park, I spent more time in the office at church/work, Ben has been working out, the house is clean and mostly organized, and Ben + I are going on a movie date tomorrow night to see a movie on opening weekend (which we've never done together), and then heading to Triangle Lake this weekend so Ben can get some wakeboarding in. We also intend to register for little brother's shower next month, clean out the garage a bit, and start work on turning the guest room (now a catch-all space) into a playroom. I have hopes of relaxing at some point in August...

This week I'm thankful for:

741. finding out that you can get softserve ice cream by the pint at DQ (Elizabeth, you are my hero!)

742. dinners in our backyard with friends.

743. the first harvest from my veggie garden- sugar snaps! (I'll have an entire garden post coming soon)

744. smoothies for a dollar.

745. our new-to-us backyard swing.

746. conversations with my 2 year old.

747. naps- when Kai is taking one and when I get to take one too.

748. the weather finally warming up enough to spend time in the pool.

749. the spiritual leader that my husband is for our family.

750. quiet moments when it's just me and little brother.

What are you thankful for?

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