Friday, July 29, 2011

photo friday: summer is upon us.

If you live in the Pacific Northwest you know that this summer has been even more mild than usual. While other parts of the country were experiencing epic heat waves, we were sitting under grey skies that would occasionally burst forth with rain. We'd get a glimmer of summer weather for a day or two and then the clouds would roll back in for the rest of the week. It was kind of strange. I liked the break at first. It was a nice excuse to be inside get things done in the house, but then it got old.

The past week the weather is finally starting to look like our typical hot July/August weather. We really only get about 6 weeks of "hot" weather so we've really been looking forward to being able to swim in the afternoon and be out back late into the evening.

My only complaint, and it's the same every year, spider-town. That's what I call our yards when those little brown spiders set up camp everywhere and there are dozens more every single day. They also get huge insanely fast. It's gross. We've only had one week of sunshine and I'm already tired of knocking down webs and squashing creepies. It's especially bad when Kai runs into them face first, which happens at least once a day. We tried a mixture of vinegar + coconut oil that I read is supposed to keep them away, but it hasn't done a thing. We'll be purchasing citronella next this weekend. If you have any tips on natural spider repellents to keep our patio and Kai's outside toys clear, I'm all ears!

Anyway, here are some photos of our week of sun, hopefully it lasts at least a few more weeks.

Last week Malakai was fighting nap. I went in to check on him after a fit...he had fallen asleep like this.



Last night a friend of ours from church dropped off a new-to-us toy. I love second hand stuff and generous friends.

{Thanks Miner Family!}

It was such a warm evening we sat out until 7:30 while Kai explored the stairs, slide, swing, and "car" (the part with the steering wheel) of his new play structure.

Afterwards he had a much needed bath to rinse off the layers of sunscreen + dirt. Ben routinely does bathtime but I sat in with him for a bit to snap some pictures of the fun he was having...he just looks so cute in the tub.



Today we didn't get outside until 11am and it was already close to 80 degrees. After playing in the sun for a few short minutes all Kai wanted to do was sit in the shade on the deck and mess with the dirt and spiders. Then he actually asked to come inside.

{nevermind the can of air on the table...I was fighting off spiders}

So I grabbed a new toy from his birthday stash (we bring things out one at a time). This is the Melissa + Doug stacking train, one of his gifts from us. He enjoyed taking it apart and putting it back together and saying "choooo" while I watched for a bit and then got to making lunch.


I'm ready to break out the kiddie pool and wade with my toddler, have more friends over for backyard BBQ's, sit out on the swing later than usual, take walks as a family at dusk, and just enjoy the outdoors before we get shut in by the cold weather and the responsibilities of a newborn babe (don't get me wrong, I'm so looking forward to meeting little brother).

Tonight Ben + I are headed out for our 2nd date in less than a's like a miracle or something! It will also be the first time we've gone to a movie together on opening night. We are moving on up in the world! If you think of us tonight, pray Malakai will go to bed for Grandma + Grandpa at a decent hour, as he's been zero to...I've lost count. Basically, he doesn't do it...ever.

Happy Weekend!

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