Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thankful on a Thursday: summer time

Well it's officially summer, and while others complain about the Willamette Valley's inconsistent weather, I'm quite used to it...and fond of the breaks the cooler days bring from the heat waves. We haven't had much of a heatwave just yet, but it'll come and then everyone will complain about that too. Is that normal for every region?

This week I'm thankful for...

691. mischievous moments. Sometimes I can't help but take pictures before redirecting...
{caught digging in the bark}

692. edible strawberries from our garden = strawberry shortcake!

693. pleasant outings with Malakai. We ran a ton of errands yesterday and he was a doll almost the entire time! We picked up gifts at Target and he marveled over the shoes, we went to the OB's office and he sat in his stroller and watched with interest, I had a meeting at the church and he played in the nursery, then we went grocery shopping after nap and he held a mango for me and repeated the names of all the foods and said hello + goodbye to every stranger we passed.

694. a break in the summer heat that had really just started...mostly because our a/c isn't working!

695. grocery sales. I got a bunch of cake mix for Kai's birthday cupcakes, it's getting so close!

696. switching from high chair to booster. We put the big bulky high chair away and have Kai eating right up to the table now. He's doing a great job and we have more space in the dining room.

697. new recipe inspiration. I borrowed Deceptively Delicious from the library and am hoping to try out some new recipes soon!

698. restful sleep that brings relief from this week's constant back pain.

699. eating outside. I LOVE to sit outside and eat dinner in the warm summer weather.

700. funny toddler moments. Kai is full of new sayings + quirks these days.
This day he insisted on keeping daddy's sunglasses on his head, having his pants off, but his socks on...while eating a snack and watching a little Elmo. I love seeing different aspects of his personality as time goes by.

What are you thankful for this week?

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