Tuesday, June 14, 2011

jam packed

Last weekend was packed full during just about every waking hour. Friday night was my brother's High School graduation and party.


Saturday I went in for a much needed hair cut and did a little shoe shopping. I have no sandals that fit me except plain plastic flipflops, which don't really feel church/work appropriate. After lunch I headed out to a baby shower for Ben's cousin. When I got home we did a bit more shoe shopping and I finally found something to fit my expanding feet (they aren't swelling, but spreading!) and had Five Guys for dinner. Then I set to work on cutting Malakai's hair.

Here is an example of how badly we both needed some cleaning up around the edges...

{lots + lots of wavy hair}

The first two times I cut Kai's hair I used scissors. He moved a lot and the 2nd time it took me about 3 days to finish. This time I wanted to worry less about scissors around his head and I also wanted to give him a shorter cut for the warm weather. I cut Ben's hair so we already had clippers. I pretended to use them on Ben first to show Kai that they aren't scary. He also had a popsicle...so he was a pretty happy camper.


When he started to move too much Ben got out the ipod and played him a few clips of Elmo but every time it would end he would wiggle more. It was Toy Story 3 on Netflix instant that saved us, he was totally zoned out and I finished up the edges.


Here we are afterward with our hair looking much more polished. Although mine is pulled back, you can see a better photo of my new cut here. It's still long but 5 inches shorter than it used to be, I also get it texturized/thinned out to make it more manageable. I usually also get my bangs cut but I'm attempting to grow them out. It had been a year since my last haircut, I'm so bad about that!

On Sunday morning Ben + I barely recognized Malakai with his big boy haircut. He seemed to grow up before our eyes...stop it kiddo! The 3 of us went to church together for the first time in about 8 months. Usually one of us has to be there significantly earlier than the other, but the stars aligned and we went in together!

I had been up since 3:45am so I ate lunch and passed out for a much needed nap. Later we headed to Mima, G'Pa + Aunt Nans' to visit. Cody was gone on a camping trip with his friends to celebrate graduation. We ate + visited and Kai got some horseplay in with G'Pa. Then just like that Monday rolled around.

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  1. You did such a great job! I tried to give Brent an actual "haircut", but I just ended up buzzing it at one length. I just don't know how to blend in the sides well.

    Brent barely ever pays for a haircut. It's just too much money when Brent doesn't mind the buzzed look. However, I think he wishes I could do the more traditional cut sometimes too.

  2. Thanks Anna. The first haircut I did was Ben's years ago and I panicked. My mom had to finish it. I was so worried I would ruin it. She taught me how and after several times you get the hang of it.
    You're right though, the hardest part is fading between the two lengths. I do the fade and top entirely with scissors and the sides/back with clippers on the longest setting.


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