Monday, June 20, 2011

Daddy's Weekend

This weekend was allll about daddy! On Thursday night, my sweet husband asked me out on a date...for Friday. Sadly, it didn't work out because it was fairly last minute for asking someone to watch Kai. We have a raincheck, possibly next Friday. We've got some groupon + living social deals to use for a real cheap, but fun movie date! Instead, my brother came over to spend the night and played xbox with Ben for most of the evening.

We basically celebrated Father's Day on Saturday since we would be at church for half the day on Sunday. I made pancakes for the boys (with chocolate chips for Ben), and we lounged around for a bit. Late in the morning we headed out to the hardware store to pick up a few things and I told Ben part of his gift was to pick out the light fixture he's been eyeing for the garage. He was pretty happy about that. I also picked up some cages for my tomatoes.

When we got home we had lunch and Malakai took a nap. Meanwhile Ben played xbox (he doesn't get to play video games very often) and I went to work on making Father's Day cards for our dads and grandpas. When Kai woke up we ran another errand and then headed to Red Robin for dinner, daddy's choice. Malakai devoured his burger and did pretty great the entire time. Once we got him to bed we settled in to watch a movie.

On Sunday we were at church all morning. Ben + I attended service together and the went our seperate ways for 2nd service. He volunteered in the 1st-4th grade class and I was back and forth between my nursery classrooms and my office. Ben volunteers his time almost every single Sunday at our church. He can be found anywhere from the children's ministries, the worship team (playing bass or leading), and on Thursdays he's been helping with the High School group. Not only is he an attentive Father and husband who works 45 hours a week, but he's a dedicated volunteer. We are one lucky family to have him leading us through life.

After church we ate leftovers for lunch and Malakai took maybe a 10 minute nap. So we gave daddy his gifts...

{Kai was more interested in the box than posing with daddy}

Here's a little "behind the scenes" at Malakai's painting adventure. We used Crayola Ta-Doodles paint things, which Ben had bought last year to make my Mother's Day painting. They are supposed to be easy to use and not messy...I found them to be SUPER messy as the paint is really thin and splatters.


Kai got it all over his hands (more so than on the paper) so I went to get a washcloth and came back to this...


Like I said, messy.

We gave daddy the painting, a barbecue scrubber, and a photo card from Tiny Prints. Then we headed over to drop off Grandpa Ron's Father's Day gift and then to my family's house to celebrate with G'Pa Jim. We had great food and spent time watching Kai run around their property. He loved looking for the "mow-mow's" (cats) and chasing their dog "Behwa" (Bella) and of course some playtime with G'Pa.

{monkey see- monkey do}

{he was not a fan of mama trying out his toy}

We had a great weekend full of family + food. How did you celebrate the dads in your life this Father's Day?

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! Saturday we went to a local park to hang out, we even hit up the petting zoo for a little while. Sunday we, like you, spent the first half of the day at church, Matt played Bass and I volunteered in the nursery, then went out to my Dads house for a pool day with the fam! It was laid back but so fun!


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