Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thankful on a Thursday: a weird one.

This has been quite an interesting week, thankfully it is going by quickly! Our evenings have been full, but with good things for the most part.

On Tuesday we were able to sell some of our stuff that we no longer needed to a couple that is getting married later this month, win-win! This money of course goes straight into Kai's surgery fund. Just before they came to pick things up I was getting dinner dished up and went to put something away in the pantry when an entire glass canister of spaghetti noodles fell at my feet. We were so lucky nobody got hurt. I acted fast enough to jump backwards and Ben grabbed Kai. Since we have some particularly unforgiving tile in the kitchen and dining room there were shards and slivers of class everywhere. Malakai and I played in his room while dinner got cold and daddy cleaned up the mess. Such a wonderful husband I have! It took him almost 30 minutes to get it all up! So we nuked and scarfed down our dinner. I LOATHE that tile and replacing it was going to be our first priority to updating this house when we got enough money, but with everything going to Kai's surgery it won't be happening anytime soon.

Yesterday Ben's parents treated us to Red Lobster as a belated celebration of the new baby. I'm at the point where I'm not bothered by foods anymore and we figured we should go before we were busy with Malakai's recovery. Unfortunately Malakai happened to only have a 10 minute nap that day as well. He did throw a couple fits over wanting to tip his cup even though it had a straw (milk mess), and sticking his whole hand in ketchup so he could lick it off. Other than that, I'd say he did pretty well.

I had never been to Red Lobster. There was one in our area when I was young, then it was replaced by Olive Garden, and now a new one just opened! I didn't get the lobster (it's $29 w/o any sides!), but I did get parmesan encrusted talapia and it was awesome! I also got to try everyone's different kinds of shrimp. I had coconut shrimp with pina colada sauce (it was like a dessert!), scampi, potato breaded, and barbecue. Yummy! I really want to try the lobster bisque if I ever go again. I think I found a new favorite restaurant, too bad it's so spendy!

Today I went into the office at church to finalize some things for a team meeting I'm putting together. It'll be the first one since I took on the Nursery position and I'm really excited to fellowship with all the wonderful volunteers all at once! Then my mom and I met my sister and our cousin for lunch on campus. Today was my sister's last day of her sophomore year of college so she is moved back home now. Malakai was so sleepy on the way there (because he woke up at 6:30am, stinker) that my mom was having to poke him and make noises to keep him awake so he wouldn't mess up his nap.

When we got to campus I got the stroller out of the trunk and it wouldn't close. So Ben had to meet us and help mom fix it, which he did (yay again for an awesome husband!). Malakai was cranky and whiney pretty much the whole time because he was tired. When we're home he hasn't been napping until  1 or 1:30pm but when we're out as early as 11am he acts like he's sleep deprived. I swear everyone on that campus must think I have the worst behaved toddler since he's been cranky the last two times, but really he's just overtired.

He finally fell asleep a little bit after 2pm once we got settled in back home and he got over the trauma of having to say goodbye to Mima and Aunt Nanner. So here I am, ready for a nap of my own, but quickly I'll punch out my thankful list, because even though we've had a strange and trying week I still have so many things to be thankful for (other than my new favorite restaurant).

621. This sweet smile and those big green eyes.

622. staying organized at home and for work despite an increasingly terrible case of "pregnancy brain"

623. family babysitters = life savers!

624. the peace that I feel about Kai's upcoming surgery.

625. a wonderful group of sponsors for an upcoming fundraiser!

626. the twitterpated squirrels that entertain my son

627. friends + family loaning me maternity clothes.

628. online inspiration to save money and make mother's day cards this year.

629. a toddler who still naps (most of the time!)

630. my husband who works all day, comes home to mow the lawn, clean up broken glass, change diapers, take out the trash, and still has energy to spend quality time with his family.

What are you thankful for this week?

Here's to hoping the rest of our week and this weekend (Mother's Day!) is less chaotic and strange and more normal and relaxing.

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