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A Gift + A Hope: Giveaway + Fundraiser {CLOSED}

{Kai before his surgery}

Hello lovely readers,
I've been hinting about this post all month. Thanks so much for being patient as I put all the details together. This is a giveaway and a fundraiser for Malakai's surgery. To be candid, we are insured but our deductible is so high that we end up paying $10,000 before insurance covers our expenses. We have had many people ask what they can do to help and honestly we need the most help with financing. We are hoping to avoid starting the next chapter in our lives (with our 2nd baby due in October) deeply in debt because of all these hospital bills.

So I had an idea to host a giveaway where participating shops would donate prizes and entrants could donate toward our fund for chances to win some exciting goods. I was inspired by the Anderson Crew when they did something similar for their adoption fund. They actually helped me a bit while I was figuring out the logistics of accepting donations + such. A BIG thank you to Mr. + Mrs. Anderson.

We have 11 wonderful sponsors. This event would not be possible without them and I am so beyond blessed and truly thankful for their participation. There is a lovely mix of handmade items, manufactured goods, small shops and big stores. They all offer wonderful products and I encourage you to click through and visit each site. 

Now, for the items you can enter to win!


Helloooo! My name is Gussy. I sew ruffles and share my adventures of having a handmade biz on my blog. I live in Minneapolis with my husband Zack and puppy Bauer.Inside my shop you'll find colorful, ruffled accessories: tote, laptop and market tote bags, zipped pouches, make-up bags, wristlets, headbands -- even eReader cases. Visit my shop and get Ruffle-licious with our products :]

__ __ _______ __ __ _______ __ __ _______ __ __ 


{Katrina's shop, Red Baby, has just come back from vacation. Be sure to check it out!!}
I am a creative mom who loves to make original things for other moms, babies and individuals who crave unique items for the special moments in life.

I dabble in everything from sewing and painting to digital photography and design. Baby slings, booties, and interesting / original /personalized clothing and carseat blankets are some of my favourite things to make. 

I teach art at a high school just outside of Monreal and get lots of inspiration from my students!

Feel free to contact me about your specific needs!

__ __ _______ __ __ _______ __ __ _______ __ __ 


 one headband + one ring. Winner's Choice.

Hey there! My name is Torie and I am excited to share my work with you! I am a stay at home mom to a wonderful little girl named Rylie. She is the reason for opening up my shop. I started out making baby and toddler hair products as a hobby when I realized that all women want to look and feel pretty no matter what their age. Thus, Twenty Five Design the store was created.

My goal is to provide you with funky, fresh and inspired accessories. I pride myself in offering high quality items for you and those you love at a reasonable price. I believe that customer service is so important and I would love to have you become a returning customer! 

__ __ _______ __ __ _______ __ __ _______ __ __ 

I am so excited to be offering a new line of products sporting the maranda lee label! My boys are growing up and so are my products! With maranda lee you will find bags and accessories beyond the diaper bag! Watch for new bag designs, messengers, totes, coin purses, Mini Mama bags and even "leapster" pouches!
Same great designs, service, quality, durability and of course function! There is something for every woman with bold and flirty fabrics to choose from, you too can have a custom bag to reflect your style and personality! Not only is your bag gorgeous, but each bag is designed to be amazingly functional!

__ __ _______ __ __ _______ __ __ _______ __ __ 

 Founded to address the connection between the health of our children and the health of our environment, ecomom is committed to making eco-conscious living easy, affordable, and rewarding. By helping women begin to take better care of themselves and their families – with education, support, tools and products - we empower them to take the all important first steps toward a healthier, more balanced, and sustainable lifestyle.

__ __ _______ __ __ _______ __ __ _______ __ __ 


hello, my name is meg, and i'm the owner/designer behind pretty things by meg, a collection of vintage-meets-modern jewelry. if you take a peek at my shop, you will quickly see that i love color. i also love using a variety of materials in my pieces, including linen, antique bronze, vintage glass beads, and chiffon. hope you find something you like!

__ __ _______ __ __ _______ __ __ _______ __ __ 

PhotobucketHello! My name is Julia. I'm a graphic designer and a stay-at-home mom of one. I enjoy simple and clean-lined artwork. Creating Dots and Dahlias has given me the opportunity to work, and take care of my son at home, while giving me a wonderful creative outlet.

I hope you enjoy looking around my shop.

We create personalized paper products which make lovely gifts–stationery, invitations, address labels, notepads, business cards, art prints and more... Our customizable products are designed, printed, and packaged in our studio and most items ship within a few business days.
__ __ _______ __ __ _______ __ __ _______ __ __ 


1 towel set. Winner's Choice.

Oh, Little Rabbit is my dream come true! I have loved crafting since I was old enough to glue glitter to construction paper and having the ability to now share my joy of creating with others is so enriching!
I have been blessed with my dear sweet husband who is creative, encouraging, supportive and young at heart. Together we have become a crafting duo! We love the unique look of hand pressed block prints and their ability to capture the style and feel of honest hand made goods.
Living in the Northwest we have a great love of nature and the outdoors. We are inspired by raw materials and whenever possible we use organic, recycled and eco friendly products.
Our ultimate goal is to share the love with you! We want to provide you with beautiful one- of- a- kind pieces of practical art that can be used in your home time and time again.
Thank you for allowing us to share our passion with you!
__ __ _______ __ __ _______ __ __ _______ __ __ 



Baggie or Print, valued at $15

What happens when a seamstress and a photographer open an Etsy shop? We're not real sure, but we're having fun! 

Married for 7 years with two crazy boys thrown into the mix, Adam and I decided to open Pure and Noble in an effort to share with others the things we enjoy. We both graduated from the University of North Texas with BFAs - mine in Fashion Design and his in Photography. I'm a work-at-home mommy and Adam is an Advertising/Editorial photographer. While Adam usually follows the directions of his clients and I the mayhem of boys we enjoy the outlet Etsy provides to showcase what we do for fun. 

**10% of our proceeds go to Seed Effect!**

We hope you enjoy our mix of goodies. 

__ __ _______ __ __ _______ __ __ _______ __ __ 


Blabla is a popular children’s line of soft and whimsical knitted playthings and clothing, which was founded on the belief that children are driven by their senses and imagination.
Company History
Blabla was founded in 2001 by long time friends, French native, Florence Wetterwald and American Susan Pritchett. Blabla’s collection is designed by Florence and knitted by Peruvian artisans. Everything is made from natural fibers of exceptional quality grown in Peru, making the line irresistibly soft and cuddly. Forence’s poetic, simple and vibrant style combined with the ancestral knowledge of the knitters has created products which look contemporary, yet feel like old friends.
With a commitment to fair trade and keeping environmental awareness in mind, blabla has grown from humble beginnings in a cottage office to become an internationally recognized brand. Based in Atlanta, blabla has a strong retail business and distributes wholesale to over 40 countries.

__ __ _______ __ __ _______ __ __ _______ __ __ 

PhotobucketLisa is the creative mind behind my little buffalo. With an eye for simplicity and a love for the quirky, she has an undeniable talent for taking her customers' ideas and bringing them to life in all of her designs. The result is always adorable, streamlined and fun.

Lisa hails from Michigan, but currently lives in the wildly unique city of Portland, Oregon with her fabulously-bearded husband, Nate (whom my little buffalo was named after) and their kitty, Abe.
__ __ _______ __ __ _______ __ __ _______ __ __ 

One winner takes ALL! 
That means that the more times you enter, the better chance you have of winning all eleven fantastic prizes! The total package is valued at approximately $300.

How to Enter:
Each entrant has one "free" entry. To complete your free entry simple share this giveaway! Post on your blog, twitter, and/or facebook account and then let me know you shared by leaving a comment on this post with a link back to where you shared.

Another handy way to share is to post this button on your site. Just copy the code in the text box at the upper right of the page. Then leave the URL of your site in your comment.

additional entries/the fundraiser:
Please donate to Kai's surgery fund by visiting our Deposit a Gift site. This is a registry site, click the "registry" link on the left when you get there. We've "registered" for unlimited amounts of $5 donations so you choose the amount you want to purchase based on how many entries you would like. 

So that we can track your entries, please leave your name + email address in the message section during step two "Gift Details" when purchasing your entries. This means you will leave your email twice as their is another spot for email entry so that Deposit a Gift can send you a receipt. I will not have access to that email info. Also be sure to select "no time delay". 

Entries can be purchased as follows:
1 entry- $5
2 entries-$10
3 entries-$15

and so on... This means if you're feeling generous and donate $50 for example, you will have 10 entries (11 if you do the free one too)!!! That is unlimited entries for this giveaway based on your desire + ability to give.

Recap: for your free entry, leave a comment here letting me know where you've shared this post. For your donation entries leave your info in the notes at Deposit a Gift* when you make your purchase (no need to comment here about donations).

DETAILS: please, oh please be sure that your email address is in your blogger profile, on your site linked to your open ID or within your comment (format shanleann1 at gmail dot com) so I can notify you if you win. Otherwise, you forfeit your chances. This giveaway will end Tuesday June 14th  at 11pm PDT. Winner will be selected at random via random.org and will have 48 hours to respond to an email in order to claim the prize or it will be awarded to an alternate. 
Comments subject to removal without notification based on their relevance to contest. All comments will be verified. So, please be sure to follow instructions carefully. 
Questions? As always click on the "email me" button to send me a message. Please do not leave a comment here that isn't intended to be an entry into the giveaway. 
*I'm unable to use paypal for payments due to their terms + conditions concerning giveaways. If you would like to donate by alternate means, please email me


  1. I've placed the button on http://thebergumblog.blogspot.com/.

    We will also donate of course, but the mortgage payment is due tomorrow, so we have to wait until the next pay day. I'll make myself a reminder so I remember to get it done before the 14th.

    This is a great idea by the way. Liam's birth and surgery cost us about $6,000 out of pocket. Thankfully, we were both working at the time and able to pay it off within a few months.

    It's good that Kai's surgery, all baby 2's prenatal care, and delivery will be in one year. We pretty much had to pay our deductible twice since most of Liam's prenatal care was in 2009 and he was born early 2010.

    Good luck with your fundraiser. I hope you raise all the money you need :)

  2. Howdy! ReTweeted :)

  3. I would love to make a donation but prefer not to use my credit card online... do you have a Paypal acct I could send a donation to? ( feel free to email it if you would rather not post it here. ) Thanks!

    I hope you have a great turnout for this amazing give away!


  4. I blogged it, and as soon as I remember my darn twittwe password I will tweet it! Haha I am a dork!

  5. Posted it on facebook!


  6. I posted on facebook! Hope it helps :)

  7. Hi Shandell! I posted a link on my Facebook, and I will try to do the same on my Twitter. Hope this helps!! Love, Sara


  8. Hey Shandell. I posted this on Facebook & will donate soon, too.


    dkf725 at gmail dot com

  9. i posted your link to my facebook page.

  10. Posted your link on Facebook! Hope you get a great response :D

  11. hi Shan,

    Posted this on my facebook:

    our prayers are with you and we'll be contributing too. sounds like lots of people are joining in prayer and support for your little boy! many blessings! -jill

  12. Shared on my facebook pages! :)

    And tweeted! :)

  13. I posted the giveaway on my Facebook page for you. =)

  14. Hi Shandell!
    I posted on my facebook page - here's the link:
    I hope that's right!
    Anyway, hope your fundraiser is successful. Kai is a doll!

  15. This giveaway is fantastic! I found it through My Little Buffalo. I blogged about this giveaway @ http://littlebluefeathers.blogspot.com/2011/06/giveaway-fundraiser-at-breaking-new.html

    I will also donate soon! Thanks for offering the giveaway to help your little one.


  16. Hey I posted this on FB and plan to donate too... I know every little bit helps! Loves to you guys...

  17. I posted this to my blog at http://projectjubilation.blogspot.com/ also re-tweeted it for good measures, Hope this works wonderfully!

  18. Tweeted!! :)


  19. I tweeted and posted on my FB page.



    What a great thing!

  20. I told others on facebook:
    for my free entry!!!

  21. tweeted this @britsy4


  22. http://twitter.com/#!/Britsy4/favorites here is the link so sorry!

  23. Posted on FB for my free entry!! What an amazing giveaway, great idea as a fundraiser!

    dinos_still_exist (at) yahoo (dot) com

  24. Hey- posted to my facebook- know it's minute but hope it helps. So glad to hear he's doing well.


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