Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Getting Ready

All week long I've been trucking through my list of things I want done before we take Malakai in for his surgery tomorrow. I've been de-cluttering, catching up on load after load of laundry, rinsing dishes, and scrubbing everything in site. I want it all taken care of so that I can focus on caring for Malakai and not the house.

I've hit a few bumps in the road with this plan. One being lower back pain. I didn't anticipate it being an issue at only 17 weeks pregnant but after lifting laundry, my 29lb. toddler, and scrubbing the floors on my hands and knees I was not doing so hot.

Then we received a bill from the 1st surgery consultation we had. There is no way we're paying for this appointment. The surgeon knew what we were there for, but waited for the actual appointment to tell us she couldn't perform the type of surgery our son needed. So I've had to make some calls on that.

I've been on the phone for what feels like two solid days trying to get all my questions answered by surgeons, nurses, billing and insurance personnel. I've been transferred so many different times I wanted to give up, but I didn't. I was actually able to speak with the manager of the surgical wing at our hospital who is personally going to see to it that as soon as Malakai gets set up in the PACU, we will be called to come in! I was on the verge of tears through all the transfers until I was able to speak with someone who truly understood me. Once I finally got off the phone I burst into tears.

{this scrunchy little face made everything better}

I've been back at the cleaning and de-cluttering (when I wasn't on the phone), but someone decided to put a kink in those plans. I opened the fridge to make myself lunch after getting Malakai settled only to see this...

{what, you don't soak your veggies in sugary drinks?}

Ben + I had made Passion Iced Tea Lemonade (sweetened of course) and I think that my mischievous little boy must have pulled the tab on the dispenser when mama wasn't looking. It wasn't leaking when I discovered the mess, so it must have snapped closed on it's own. However, the damage was already done. 

Thankfully Malakai was already set up to eat lunch so he was content and out of the way for me to tear the fridge apart. The next problem came when I couldn't figure out how to put it back together. First I took out the drawers, salvaged what I could, and cleaned them. Then I discovered that shelf where the tea was had gotten soaked and sticky as well so I emptied everything and wiped it down, but there were spots I couldn't get to. I attempted to take the shelf out but it fell apart. I called Ben, and we resolved to put the food in as I could and have him fix the shelf when he got home. 

I managed to get Malakai settled into his room for nap and make myself a quick PBJ for lunch. As I type this he has put himself to sleep after 15 minutes of pushing the buttons on his twilight turtle. 

{yes, I'm obsessed with my snoozing child}
So now I'm off again to try to get the most important things done and let the rest of it go. Surgery is scheduled for 10am tomorrow. Sadly we can't feed Kai breakfast, we're hoping he does okay with that. We'll be deploying all our best distraction tactics. Please pray that he's brave and calm and that the procedure goes by the book and he recovers well. Pray for my nerves and emotions and my worrying heart and that my husband can withstand all the tears that will likely escape from my eyes no matter how hard I try to hold them back. 

I'll do my best to post a quick update after we get home tomorrow. All depending on if he'll rest, if not I might be MIA for a while. 


  1. You are all in my prayers, today, tomorrow, and throughout this whole process.

    I wish I lived near you and could come help you will getting your house in order, I feel like I want to be able to DO something to help, aside from pray.

  2. May the Lord give you peace tomorrow during the surgery and may it be an uneventful recovery, in Jesus' name!

  3. I'm glad you'll be able to see Kai as soon as possible after the surgery. He'll be so happy to have his mama and daddy with him.

  4. Lifting you put in prayer, girl friend.


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