Friday, May 6, 2011

accident prone

Something about pregnancy turns me into an absent-minded klutz. I can't think of the right word for simple, every day things. I stutter when asking someone to had me "that thing, the brown one, it's cardboard...yes, the box." Last pregnancy it seemed to be really bad when it came to furniture. I would mix up the names for our dresser, my vanity, and the headboard or not know them at all. "The thing where our clothes go..." This lovely little symptom, also known as pregnancy brain, is back and I'm not a big fan. I'm worried that you all will think I've lost my mind because the extent of my vocabulary is likely to diminish over the next few months.

What's worse is that I don't think before I do things and happen to hurt myself frequently. It always seems to be my hands. When I was pregnant with Malakai I would cut or scrape my hands all the time. Paper cuts at work, minor incidents in the kitchen, and even injuring myself with my own fingernails. This oddity had returned again as well. I'm currently typing this with mostly my right hand. Earlier this week I pinched my palm while adjusting the baby gate. Instant bruise. Later I was stitching some lovely items for mother's day when I kept jabbing the needle under my thumbnail and stabbing my index finger. I found my thimble after I had finished the project and my thumbnail was half detached.

Last night while making dinner I was reheating leftovers in the oven when I pulled a baking sheet out to add more food to it. I casually adjusted the tinfoil and then immediately turned to the sink and stuck my fingers under cold water. I had just touched a 400 degree piece of metal with the tips of my fingers. This was surely a combination of my two odd symptoms. I burned the tips of all 5 fingers on my left hand, the three middle being the worst. I spent the next several hours submerging them in cold water or slathered in burn ointment. I'm so awesome.

As I become more aware of these symptoms I find myself talking and acting more slowly to be sure I'm thinking things through before I say something embarrassing or do something to hurt myself. What a weird issue to add to all the other "symptoms" of pregnancy!


  1. hahaha I feel you with the baby mush brain! I think Steven and I are getting super good at charades because I point at or act things out with my hands as I search for any words that would describe what I am trying to talk about. On Sunday I acted out slicing an english muffin because I couldn't think of the words and he knew what I meant! hahaha. Sorry you have hurt your self so much though, that isn't fun.

  2. When pregnant, I would literally forget to breathe. I didn't forget how, I would just not do it. I'd start feeling light headed, and then realize I wasn't breathing. Thankfully, I never passed out.

    It's amazing that pregnant women can even function.

  3. Duuuuude me too! There will be a similar post coming from me next week, but instead of my hands I always hit my head on something...right now I am sporting a rockin black eye.

    Hope your hand heals quickly, that must feel terrible, burns are so painful!


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