Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thankful on a Thursday

Strangely the last two Thursdays I've felt out of sorts both physically and emotionally. It was hard to push myself to do my thankful posts but making it a habit has really been a great thing for me and my outlook. It's those crummy days that I need to focus on the good things even more. Today however has been a much better day!

I have been reading my Bible EVERY day this week which is something I'm constantly convicted about. It's such a challenge to find a quiet moment to focus on the word of God and journal/pray about what I read. It has been so good to get a fresh start and really dive into the word of God. This isn't something I'm bragging about (ooh look at me, I read the Bible). I'm simply pointing it out because I credit having His word in my mind and on my heart with how good I've been feeling.

This morning Kai + I got our flu shots (his 2nd one this season). It was the first time I'd gone to get immunizations without Ben. Kai screamed at first but didn't continue or even cry. He did an excellent job! I on the other hand have been nursing my arm all morning, it hurts! So we both had a dose of tylenol when we got home from errands to keep the aches away.

After nap time we are headed out once again. This time we have our appointment with anesthesia to prepare for Malakai's surgery next week. I'm looking forward to getting some questions answered and hopefully have some of our fears ceased.

This week I'm very thankful for...

581. a very generous and surprising gift.

582. the sunshine while we have been out + about today (nothing worse than dashing through the rain with a toddler!)

583. super fun kids' birthday parties.

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584. borrowed cars that make it a bit easier some days for this one car family.

585. the ability to get vaccinated against diseases.

586. giving parents + in-laws.

587. all the blessings that the future holds.

588. God's unending provision. Things may get tight, but He ALWAYS provides.

589. listening to Kai's expanding vocabulary + comprehension.

590. the love, affection, and devotion of a very handsome man.

What are you thankful for?

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