Monday, April 11, 2011

set backs

It would be T-minus 3 days until Kai's surgery, but we've had a change of circumstances. A few weeks ago when we had our consultation with Dr. W Kai had a bit of a runny nose but it never culminated to anything and got better fairly fast. Then last week he started coughing in his sleep + snoring. I made plans to call the surgeons office this morning.

Last night he was acting very out of sorts. At dinner he started tugging at his ear and all he wanted to do was snuggle me and watch "neeno".  I could not only feel a swollen gland under his ear but I could SEE it. We gave him some meds and drops and put him to bed hoping it was just a little ache and he'd be better by morning. He woke up at 1am in pain again, some snuggling with daddy and more meds did the trick and he was back to resting.

This morning he woke up with a fever of 101.2, a raspy voice + cough, and his ear was still bothering him a lot. We got into his pediatrician, Dr. B first thing and he indeed has a very bad + painful ear infection. Dr. B said that in another day his other ear most likely would have become infected as well. Poor kiddo.

So instead of 3 days until surgery we now have about 30 days until surgery. I'm glad that it was so easy to move it back and it isn't as long of a wait as I thought it would be. However, we were also prepared and ready to get it over with and on the road to recovery. We're also hoping to not have to meet with Anesthesia again since they normally require the visit to be within 30 days and it'll be 35 days. I really am not a fan of wasting any more time or money.

We know that we know, that we know, that God has a plan. That for some reason this week was not the right timing for his surgery and that next month will somehow be better. Who knows why, but I choose to just follow His lead and take things one day at a time.

We're on our 2nd round of Nemo and my usually energetic little boy has only moved from the couch to the floor in the last 90 minutes. Hoping and praying that the antibiotics do their job quickly and bring my sweetie relief.

Any and all prayers are appreciated.


  1. Lifting you all up in prayers. Know God is in control!


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