Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thankful on a Thursday: on the up + up

Malakai's 2nd ear infection came on really fast and was much worse than the first. Dr. B said that his eardrum was very swollen + red and that the other ear was on the verge of infection too. The gland under the infected ear was so swollen that you could actually see it! I remember ear infections from a very young age because of how terribly painful they were, so I couldn't wait to help him feel better.


For the first few days we watched movies together (mostly Nemo, over + over), snuggled, and he napped. I've been keeping close track of all his medications. Antibiotics once in the morning, ibuprofen if he shows signs of pain, Culturelle (probiotics) for his tummy at lunch, antibiotics again after dinner, more ibuprofen before bed if needed. Sadly the Culturelle didn't help as much as I had hoped and he ended up with an upset tummy and the diaper rash to go with it.

Now, on day 4 of his meds he is in much better spirits and the only thing bothering him is the small rash. Last night we celebrated uncle David's birthday. Grandma Debbie got out some new toys, one of which was a water/sand table. She laid out towels, filled it with water and let him play. He obviously had a great time.



He's back to singing songs, reading books, and playing with lots of energy. Having him back to his old self is worth the extra energy I need to keep up with him.

I posted this an hour ago forgetting that it is in fact Thursday so I've edited to include my thankful list.

591. modern medicine and how quickly it works. A few hours and the anti-fungul gets rid of Kai's rash. A couple days and the Amoxicillin gets rid of his ear pain. Like magic!

592. Malakai's sing-songs. he makes ups songs but also tries to repeat what you sing. About an hour after we sang happy birthday to David he was trying to sing it.

593. less nausea.

594. more energy.

595. having people over to motivate the house cleaning.

596. omelets for breakfast. Easy protein for both Kai + I.

597. blessings + the generosity of others. We have been blessed by a friend from church who is giving us her Ergo infant insert for ours! I've also won another giveaway this week for baby bedding. Now the choice is whether to keep it or try to sell it for $400 (no joke, that's how much it goes for.)

598. faith. I know in my heart that through all of our struggles with health + medical expenses on top of medical expenses that God is going to provide for us. He always has.

599. A supportive + involved husband. Ben loves to spend time with Malakai + I. I'm so thankful that he would rather be with us than playing video games or watching sports.

600. snuggles. Even though Malakai wasn't feeling well, it did this mama's heart good to get in some extended snuggle time.

What are you thankful for?

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  1. The "Up + Up" title makes me think of Target :)


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