Saturday, April 30, 2011

CSN Stores Review: Pacific Play Tents

Not too long ago we received this adorable play tent by Pacific Play Tents from CSN Stores for review. They have a ton of play tents at really great prices so it took me a really long time to decide which one I wanted to review. I finally chose this one because of it's gender neutral colors, mesh sides, waterproof floor, and the age range was appropriate for Malakai.

I set it up in Malakai's room since we got it when the weather was still wet + cold (which it still is most days).



He really liked to play in it and especially when I climbed inside with him. He also enjoyed playing with the velcro door on the front. I was worried that with how rough he was being he'd split the stitches but they held really well!

A couple weeks later he figured out that he could tip it over. So all he wanted to do was run into the sides which got a little scary with him bumping into furniture. 


I think if it had weighted down sides or corners that he wouldn't have been able to tip it. I also would like to have stakes for putting it up outside to keep it in place. It may also just be better for him once he's a little older, so for now we put it away. I'm planning on brining it for our camping trip in July to give him a play space out of the wind and sun. 

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  1. Yeah, I was a little bummed with play tents in general... I bought a two-pack at Costco last year for Liam and he is more interested in tipping it over than being inside, too. :) His room is so small anyway that I ended up just putting it away. I think it might be a good little sun protector outside though in the summer! :)


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