Tuesday, April 26, 2011

15 weeks

The last 3 weeks have flown by! I can't believe I'm already 15 weeks along. Only 5 more weeks until the BIG ultrasound! I have an appointment this week so I'm guessing we'll schedule the ultrasound then. yay!

{after work/church on Easter Sunday}

How far along? 15 weeks, 1 day.
Total weight gain/loss: Not sure, it's been a month since my last appointment. Baby is the size of an orange.
Stretch marks? nope
Maternity Clothes: a mix of small maternity and medium sized pre-pregnancy clothing. 
Sleep: it could be better, it could be worse.
Best moment this week: Kai's 1st Easter Egg Hunt + feeling the baby move on a daily basis.
Movement: yes! This is when I start to actually feel pregnant!
Gender: hoping to find out end of May.
Labor Signs: nope.
Food Cravings: nothing too intense, but I always enjoy fresh fruit.
Belly Button in or out? in
What I miss: being able to lean over Malakai's crib with more ease.
What I am looking forward to: Ben hearing the baby's heartbeat for the 1st time this week.
Weekly Wisdom: If you have other children, relish the time with them before your new little one arrives.
Milestones: nothing major in the last week.
Baby Brain Moment of the Week: constant accidental spoonerisms


  1. It would be fun to see some side by side previous pregnancy pics with new ones.


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