Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the return of morning sickness

As I've mentioned before, this past week I've been feeling much better (not 100%) than I had in the previous 4 weeks. I have been getting things done and eating more than crackers and fruit. Unfortunately at about the same time Malakai began to feel under the weather. Last week he had a mild fever of 102 before bed, but after some cuddling, Monsters Inc., and a good night of sleep he woke up with no fever and feeling fine. It hasn't come back since, but he started to have a tummy ache which resulted in some really terrible diarrhea.

I know, I know I don't USUALLY blog about the bodily functions that occur in our household, but this is too strange not to share (there's your warning). So Kai's issue started out as normal, but on Monday it got progressively worse. I won't share the nasty details. You're welcome. Sadly though, with as much as we were keeping him clean he still developed a pretty bad diaper rash. This meant he wouldn't let us use diaper wipes because it hurt his skin so much. He'd kick and grab and everything would be covered in the contents of his diaper...even when there were two of us.

First thing yesterday morning I took him straight to the bathtub to rinse him off and let him air dry a bit. It was a nasty job, but that's parenting for you. I got through all of this before eating, which is one of the worst time for my nausea + heartburn.

After we were all cleaned up I opened the fridge to make Kai his morning toast. The smell of wheat bread has been my worst enemy for the last 5 weeks, but the SIGHT of the wheat bread sent me to the sink and I vomited for the first time in this pregnancy at 11 weeks and 4 days. I got through the messiest toddler diaper ever, but the thought of wheat bread made me sick. How WEIRD is pregnancy!?

What's also strange is that I only vomited once when I was pregnant with Malakai and it was at exactly 12 weeks...first thing in the morning, in the kitchen sink. So far that has been the only real similarity between the two pregnancies so far. Completely random.

Anyway, Kai's diarrhea calmed down yesterday but he had a terrible stomach ache last night. Ben + I were up until nearly midnight trying to figure out how to soothe him back to sleep. Thankfully today he woke up  happy and everything is normal. So we'll continue with the BRAT diet and gatorade (he refused pedialyte, grape gatorade finally got him to drink something) for at least another day. The doctor also recommended Culturelle probiotic once a day. I happened to have a whole box of samples from his previous pediatrician so we'll continue putting that in his yogurt or applesauce for at least another week.

I'm hoping we'll all be feeling 100% in the next few days so we can get on with normal life!


  1. You're so fortunate to only thrown up once a pregnancy (so far). I can't even count how many times it happened to me. I usually threw up 3-4 times a day from week 8 to about 24 weeks. I really hope for less throwing up come the next time around :/

    Diarrhea and diaper rash is so hard. I think we pretty much determined that bananas were giving Liam the diarrhea. Which is weird because their supposed to bind you up. None the less, he was eating a whole banana every day, but now he hasn't had any since the 'incident.'

  2. I hope you and your sweet boy start feeling better!

  3. I hope that you & Kai both are feeling much better today!!


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