Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"no plans" weekends are the best weekends

We've had quite a few weekends recently where we've had no plans or obligations. It has been nice, but of course we always fill up our time and the days fly by just as fast as all of the weekends + days off work before.

Friday night we had The Pleich family over and I am ashamed to say that I didn't get one picture of their sweet little bundle, Justice. I don't know what I was thinking!

Saturday we had a sweet friend drop by some hand-me-down jammies for Kai {thanks again Robyn!} then we lounged around until the sunshine beckoned the boys out back.

They ran through the grass, explored all the hidden corners of the yard, picked pebbles out of mud and kicked the ball around. Kai also mimicked the far of train noises. In the bottom left photo above he is saying "hooooo". 

After cleaning up we were off to run some errands. Picking up a .60 cent lightswitch at the hardware store turned into a $15 bill when we decided to get replacement chalkboard pain for the kitchen + high heat paint for the BBQ. whoopsie.

Picking up some blank DVD's from Grandpa Ron turned into some playtime + a free lunch, hooray! Then off to nap for both Malakai and myself. After that we headed out again to G'Pa + Mima's house so Ben could help my brother with his Mr. Falcon skit and we could everyone (that may or may not be my brother in the blonde wig...sigh).

Malakai got some play time with my parents...

Aunt Nanner + her boyfriend...

{he was laughing HYSTERICALLY at a game they made up with the cups}

and Uncle Cody...
{total center of attention as he danced to Cody's guitar playing}

My sister came home with us to stay the night so she could come to church and help out in the nursery. Oddly enough there was not one single baby (4 months-2 years) for first service that morning! So she got to run around the church with me while I did my usual thing for the rest of the service before Ben + Kai met us there for 2nd service.

The rest of Sunday was SUPER lazy and really nice. I may have taken another nap.

How was your weekend?

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