Friday, March 11, 2011


We just got back from the consult with a surgeon a little while ago. I'm still really irritated about how things went. When she came in the room to meet with us she literally asked which one of us had the hernia. I had hoped she was kidding. Then she asked us what happened, which I assumed she also would have known.

Anyway, Dr. K examined Malakai briefly and said that his hernia is not serious. Meaning that surgery can wait. Ideally you wouldn't want to wait in case things changed, but when I mentioned that his primary doctor had told us that his undescended testicle issue would be prepared at the same time she said she couldn't do it.

So, my first frustration is that we were taking time out of our day and money out of our bank to have a consultation with a surgeon not qualified to work on our son. Waste.of.time.

Second, the surgeon we were initially referred to (Dr. W.) isn't available because he was in the hospital himself for a pulmonary embolism. Dr. K said that he is the only one in town that can do the surgery for us and she doesn't know when he'll be back.

Of course I'm very thankful that Malakai's issue can wait. However, I'm very scared that if he ends up needing an emergency surgery because it flares up and won't go back down, that Dr. K will be doing it and she's only qualified to repair the hernia and not the testicle issue. She nonchalantly said that if that happened that the hernia repair would likely fix the other problem. Really comforting lady.

Then she instructed us to just call Dr. W's office and be the "squeaky wheel" to ensure we are one of his first appointments when he gets back. So after a total of 5 minutes she rushed out and a nurse gave us a post-it with Dr. W's number on it.

I am trying so hard to not be angry but I have yet to calm down.

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  1. how infuriating! Grrr doctors like that make it really difficult to not be cynical towards all doctors. I really hate when they see you for 5 minutes, don't really listen to you and then try to slip you narcotics. I can't tell you how many times I have been offered vicodin!!

    Hopefully your first Dr will be well soon!!


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