Wednesday, March 16, 2011

20 months

Only 4 months until Malakai's 2nd Birthday. I can hardly believe it. I have a feeling I'm going to think this way every single year as he and his future siblings get older. It's exciting and sad at the same time. If you've seen Toy Story 3 I think they capture the sad feelings of having a child grow and become more independent so well. Too well really, I don't recommend watching while pregnant or extra emotional unless you want to turn into a sobbing mess.

This age can be fun + frustrating at the same time. Malakai is learning new things all the time and saying new words literally every day. He plays pretend, mimics sounds, gives the sweetest hugs + kisses, feeds himself, and loves books. He has also bitten on occasion, pulled out the hem of his favorite blanket, turns the tv on + off a hundred times a day, climbs + runs on the couch, and learned the art of a tantrum.

Over the weekend we were at a family birthday party and when I broke his pizza into pieces for him he cried harder than he has ever cried before. He was so angry with me for ruining his pizza. Once he stopped crying he was making the most pathetic pouty face Ben + I about started crying along with him! I felt so bad for how frustrated he must have been, not being able to communicate what he wanted.

In the past few days he started calling Ben's dad "Bapa" for Grandpa, and my dad "Boppi" for G'Pa. He has taken to calling my mom "Mommy" which is kind of funny, but makes sense since it's her nickname, Mima, turned around. He calls me Mama, so it's not confusing...yet. Although, when we tried to get him to say Grandma for Ben's mom, it comes out Mama. He'll get it eventually. What's important and exciting (especially for his grandparents) is that he immediately recognizes them and calls them by name when he sees them.

Out of curiosity I started a list of all the words he can say and over the past week I've documented 88 words + phrases. Here are some examples of what he says on a daily basis:

"What's that/What's this?"
"Where'd it go?"
"What'd you do?"
"There it is!"
"did it!"
"thank you"

and our favorite "It's an ipod!" which was a rather shocking response when we pointed at the ipod touch and simple asked "what's this?" a few weeks ago.

please (which also means yes)
off, on - his current favorites

and much more!

It is so fun to watch him learn and grow. It is so rewarding to teach him something new and surely humbling to have him mimic something we'd rather not have him say or do. It makes us reflect more on ourselves and how we want to raise our children. Being parents has really made us want to be better versions of ourselves.

Our sweet boy has the best head of shaggy wavy locks that is a bit overdue for a haircut (easier said than done), bright green eyes, chunky little toes, scrumptious rolls on his thighs, a very round belly, and a contagious smile. He loves family + friends but also is friendly to anyone he meets, shouting "hi!" at the grocery store or doctor's office.

Happy 20 months Malakai Benson!



  1. Adorable!

    I just watched Toy Story 3 last week for the first time and was a sobbing mess! haha

  2. He is so cute & I too cried & got really emotional at the end of Toy Story was so sad!!


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