Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thankful on a Thursday + EcoMom Winner!!

It's been a rough day. I've had this "icky" feeling all day that has been different than the usual pregnancy ickies. It's not the most fun I've ever had and it comes with a rather nasty headache. Stinkin' "enemy" trying to get me down. Anyway, I still have a lot to be thankful for...

571. wonderful shops + sponsors that allow me to host reviews + giveaways around here. I have more great ones coming up!

572. the sing-song voice Malakai has discovered. Even though he sang to himself for about an hour when he was supposed to be napping, it still made me smile.

573. visiting with family. My cousin came over with her sweet baby girl and my uncle came to meet her for the first time. It's nice to have visitors, especially in the middle of the week.

574. naps. I say this one a lot I think. But they have been my saving grace this pregnancy.

575. patience. with having my due date pushed back, I've been surprisingly unhindered by it.

576. my wonderful husband who is on his way home with Jamba juice as I type this out.

577. the unusually warm + dry spring weather we've been having. While I haven't been able to do more than drive in it, it has been a nice break from the torrential downpours.

578. modern medicine. zantac, tums, tylenol...

579. flowers blooming on the trees + in our yard. I literally have done NOTHING to help them since we moved in a year ago, but they still bloom beautifully.

580. supportive parents + in-laws. Both sets of parents have been so helpful with babysitting and having us over for random dinners. What a blessing at this busy and tiresome time in our lives.

What are you thankful for this week?


And the winner of the EcoMom Giveaway for a $15 gift card is.....


Congratulations! I'm so excited that she won. Sara and her husband just welcomed their first child, a baby boy into the world today. I'm sure she'll be too busy to spend this anytime soon, but she'll definitely  put it to good use!

For those of you who didn't win, first time shoppers at EcoMom get an exciting discount through Breaking New Ground by using the code SBBL747. Good thru July 2011!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

push it back

I went in for my second visit with my Obstetrician this morning. First thing I find out is that from the ultrasound they did 4 weeks ago, my due date is changing. I wasn't expecting this since Malakai measured a few days smaller than my due date pretty much the entire pregnancy. However, this baby was measuring 10 days small (which is the cut off for changing the due date). So I went from October 7th to 17th. I don't really mind moving further into October since we have 10 family birthdays in September, 5 of them immediate family members. We don't really need another September baby!

 However, the change put me from 12 weeks 5 days to 11 weeks 2 days today. I'm going to really have to shift my mindset. The last 6 weeks I've been 10 days off in my thinking. I'm also further away from the 14 week/2nd trimester mark that I've been counting down to. That was when I started to feel better when pregnant with Malakai, I'm holding out hope that it could be the same this time around.

Then I got to hear the sweet baby's heartbeat for the first time. Music to my ears, I wish Ben could have been there. Since Dr. M couldn't find the heartbeat with the doppler at my last appointment ( I was only 7 weeks 2 days so that's why!) we went in for an ultrasound but the tech didn't turn the volume on so we only saw the heartbeat. Today Dr. M found little bean's heartbeat right away, a strong 160 bpm.

When we were expecting Malakai, Ben + I both worked at the same place. Scheduling my appointments during a lunch break when we could both leave together and be back in less than an hour was a breeze. He was with me at every.single.visit. This time, I've had 4 baby related visits and he's only been to one, the ultrasound. Unfortunately, with him working across town it just hasn't been reasonable for him to make it to the appointments so far. I did schedule the next one during lunch time so he can try to meet me there. I know he really wants to be there and hear the beautiful little heartbeat! are the corrected bump photos from what I've shared so far.





So on MONDAY I'll be 12 weeks and post a new picture and some stats. 
What an interesting week I'm having!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

surgery: consultation + scheduling

We had an actual consultation with a pediatric surgeon this morning. It was night + day compared to our previous appointment. Malakai was enthralled with the Mr. Potato Head toy almost the entire time, which was such a God thing. Ben + I were able to listen, learn + process all the information Dr. W was explaining to us. It was a lot all at once.

He explained the surgery and the hernia. Come to find out that 100% of undescended testicles have a hernia present, it's just a matter of whether or not anything bulges from the space which is what the hernia is. So the surgery is primarily to move his undescended (partially descended) testicle and they'll repair the hernia in the process so it can't flare up again.

As Dr. W drew a diagram and began to explain where the incisions would be I found myself feeling light headed. The same way I felt when I passed out a few years ago. I sat down immediately and felt better. Apparently I don't do well listening to someone talk about cutting my son open.

We got all of our questions answered and scheduled his surgery for two weeks from now. In the meantime we have to correct his referral for insurance purposes, discuss billing, and meet with the anesthesiologist.

Thanks again to all of you who have been praying and have passed on encouraging words. We are optimistic that everything will go by the book and recover will be a breeze. We are trusting God to get us through this, especially me emotionally and of course Malakai physically.

Monday, March 28, 2011

home sweet home: 1 year.

It's hard to believe that we've been homeowners for a year (officially yesterday). It's even harder to believe that we've lived in this house for a year already. Somehow time goes by much faster once you become a parent.

(hint, click the link above for the "before + in process" pictures from last year).

There are many things we want to do to this house, structurally and aesthetically, but most people feel that way about their home, especially their first home. It could be said that this is a starter home and that we should eventually move on to something bigger + "better"...but I don't think that's how things will work out for us. I want to have my kids grow up in one home and one neighborhood. I don't mind a small home, in fact I prefer it over a large one. I don't want my teenagers to hide in their own little wing of our house that's so far away I can't holler at them when I need to. I don't want to have to text or IM someone in my own house when it's time for dinner.

I'm sure that someday we'll remodel and add on. Thankfully we have plenty of property to build on and still have a substantial backyard. This will most likely be many years down the road, but in the last few weeks Ben and I have found ourselves plotting and dreaming.

What will happen first and probably within the next 6 months (if finances allow) is the replacement of the tile floors in the kitchen + dining room. We plan to just extend the laminate from the living room into that space, granted we can find matching laminate. I'm very picky about this. This project will also include replacing the door from the house out to the garage. The new door is actually a Christmas present from my in-laws, but the floor needs to happen first because of the structure of it underneath the door. Basically some pretty shoddy craftsmanship took place.

Here is the overall layout to start:


Anyway, I've never really posted photos of our home all put together or the decor details. So here is a little tour of our first (and possibly our forever) home.

{a panorama view of our front living space. The door on the left is the front door}

{our piano, wedding, + family pictures. Dandelion canvas screen print from Urban Outfitters}

{details: close up of photos, a pillow I made for my grandpa, a blanket made for Kai, photos + books on the shelf.}

{our bedroom, just off the front living space}

{details: DIY chalkboard frame, photos on our dresser of places we love, frame for Kai's art, my wedding bouquet}

{the bathroom, super boring but better than before}

{Malakai's room, right next to ours. Details: turtle prints top right from Etsy, curtains sewn with fabric from Kauai by my mom, Turtle painting done by my amazingly talented aunt Sarah}

{Guest room next to Kai's room. old photo-See how little Kai is! Details: wine rack as magazine holder, framed map of Oahu where I have family and we honeymooned}

{overflowing bulletin board, craft cart, dresser full of craft supplies + random clothes}

{Living room + dining room: at the back of the house where we spend most of our time. Details: upper left print from Red Letter Words and canvas print of baby Kai, sideways bamboo art in dining room from Target, arrangement of photos from our wedding rehearsal in 2007.}

{Kitchen: to the left of the dining room in photo above. Yep, super teensy. Details: DIY chalkboard on the left, red + black plates behind the sink, Target.}

{Details: cluttered fridge art + countertop, black + white photo taken by my mom, brush paintings done by my talented aunt Lorna}

That's our house, all 900 square feet of it! We also have a one car garage where the washer + dryer, toolbench, waterheater, and tons of unpacked boxes remain. Oh yeah, and somehow we fit the car in there too. 

We haven't decided what to do about the bedrooms in preparation for the arrival of our new baby in October. Oddly enough it may depend on gender. If we have a girl I'd love to turn Kai's room into her nursery, I think the green walls would pair really well with honeysuckle pink accents. Then we'd move Malakai into the guest room and store the bed and other things. If we have a boy I'd like to do greys + blues in the current guest room for the nursery as it's already a great light blue that would go well with some grey contrasts. Those are just my ideas for now anyway!
Thanks for taking a look around. I always think it's fun to get a sneak peek into someone else's home. It helps to get to know them better when you see their personal style. 

Happy Monday!

PS don't forget to enter my current giveaway!

Friday, March 25, 2011

EcoMom: Review + Giveaway {CLOSED}

I've partnered with the great people over at EcoMom again to bring you another product review + giveaway! They generously sent me the Earth Mama-Angel Baby Organics Pregnancy Pampering Kit. I was so excited to receive it as with my previous pregnancy I rarely indulged in special products made just for expecting mamas. 

The Review

The kit includes:

Happy Feet Soak

I tried the body butter first. It's supposed to encourage elasticity in itchy expanding skin. It has a light lemony scent which wasn't too offensive to my sensitive nose. It also goes on smoothly and doesn't leave a waxy residue behind like other body butter products I've used before. 

At about 7 weeks pregnant I started to feel nauseated and shortly thereafter came the heartburn (quite by surprise). I decided to try the tea sampler. It has teas for all stages of pregnancy. I tried the morning wellness tea first and although I don't typically like spearmint it was very soothing to my queasy stomach. I also tried the heartburn tea which did seem to calm it a bit. They both worked well as I was drinking them, but I think both my nausea and heartburn were a bit too strong for the tea to have a lasting effect. 

I tried the natural stretch oil alternately to the body butter. It has a similar scent and also was non-greasy and quickly absorbing. It's also supposed to be good for use in preparation for labor + delivery. 

I haven't yet tried the other products as they're formulated for some of the aches + pains of mid to late pregnancy that I have yet to experience. Based on my success with the other products, I'm sure they will come in handy. I'll keep you posted!

The Giveaway

EcoMom wants to give one reader of Breaking New Ground a $15 gift card to their online store. There are so many things that you can try from organic foods, to toys, to skin and hygiene products. We are especially fond of the Plum Organics foods around here, especially for travel!

Mandatory Entry (must be fulfilled before other entries count): 

~ visit EcoMom's store to tell me what you'd use the gift card towards if you win. 

Extra Entries (1 entry each - 1 comment each): 

~ "like" EcoMom on Facebook and/or follow EcoMom on Twitter.

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~ follow Breaking New Ground via Google Friend Connect, or tell me if you already do.

And if you can't wait to get your hands on EcoMom's products they're also offering a 15% discount for first time orders. Just use the code SBBL747 which is good until July 2011!

Ready, set, ENTER!

please, oh please be sure that your email address is in your blogger profile, on your site linked to your open ID or within your comment (format shanleann1 at gmail dot com) so I can notify you if you win. Otherwise, you forfeit your chances.

This giveaway will end Tuesday March 29th  2011 at 11pm PDT. Winner will be selected at random via and will have 48 hours to respond to an email in order to claim the prize or it will be awarded to an alternate. 

Open to U.S. + Canadian residents only. All comments will be verified. Comments subject to removal without notification based on their relevance to contest. All comments will be verified. So, please be sure to follow instructions carefully. 

Questions? As always click on the "email me" button to send me a message. Please do not leave a comment here that isn't intended to be an entry into the giveaway. 

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this giveaway. All opinions are my own. Click for additional disclosures and PR policies.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thankful on a Thursday: don't wanna

I'm kind of in a sour mood at the moment. It's days like these that I need to be reminded of what I have to be grateful for the most. I am always saying that you can choose your mood, but I also think it's okay to just be upset for a little bit. As long as you don't perpetuate the sourness throughout your household or let it hold on for too long, it's perfectly natural to be a little grumpy. But there's nothing like refocusing on what brings you joy to turn it around.

This week I'm thankful for...

561. enough money in the bank to pay our bills + buy essentials.

562. our health: even though we've been sickly this week, it could have been much worse and I'm thankful that we are healthy most of the time.

563. play dates for Malakai + mama.

564. cupcakes made with love (and coconut oil).

565. being able to stay home + watch Kai learn + grow all day.

566.  my "new" cellphone. It works great and stays on all the time, imagine that!

567. enough leftover on my starbucks giftcard for my favorite drink.

568. the ability to comfort my son when he isn't feeling well.

569. free meals + free babysitting!

570. my hardworking husband.

What are you thankful for this week?

P.S. I have a giveaway coming up tomorrow that you won't want to miss!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the return of morning sickness

As I've mentioned before, this past week I've been feeling much better (not 100%) than I had in the previous 4 weeks. I have been getting things done and eating more than crackers and fruit. Unfortunately at about the same time Malakai began to feel under the weather. Last week he had a mild fever of 102 before bed, but after some cuddling, Monsters Inc., and a good night of sleep he woke up with no fever and feeling fine. It hasn't come back since, but he started to have a tummy ache which resulted in some really terrible diarrhea.

I know, I know I don't USUALLY blog about the bodily functions that occur in our household, but this is too strange not to share (there's your warning). So Kai's issue started out as normal, but on Monday it got progressively worse. I won't share the nasty details. You're welcome. Sadly though, with as much as we were keeping him clean he still developed a pretty bad diaper rash. This meant he wouldn't let us use diaper wipes because it hurt his skin so much. He'd kick and grab and everything would be covered in the contents of his diaper...even when there were two of us.

First thing yesterday morning I took him straight to the bathtub to rinse him off and let him air dry a bit. It was a nasty job, but that's parenting for you. I got through all of this before eating, which is one of the worst time for my nausea + heartburn.

After we were all cleaned up I opened the fridge to make Kai his morning toast. The smell of wheat bread has been my worst enemy for the last 5 weeks, but the SIGHT of the wheat bread sent me to the sink and I vomited for the first time in this pregnancy at 11 weeks and 4 days. I got through the messiest toddler diaper ever, but the thought of wheat bread made me sick. How WEIRD is pregnancy!?

What's also strange is that I only vomited once when I was pregnant with Malakai and it was at exactly 12 weeks...first thing in the morning, in the kitchen sink. So far that has been the only real similarity between the two pregnancies so far. Completely random.

Anyway, Kai's diarrhea calmed down yesterday but he had a terrible stomach ache last night. Ben + I were up until nearly midnight trying to figure out how to soothe him back to sleep. Thankfully today he woke up  happy and everything is normal. So we'll continue with the BRAT diet and gatorade (he refused pedialyte, grape gatorade finally got him to drink something) for at least another day. The doctor also recommended Culturelle probiotic once a day. I happened to have a whole box of samples from his previous pediatrician so we'll continue putting that in his yogurt or applesauce for at least another week.

I'm hoping we'll all be feeling 100% in the next few days so we can get on with normal life!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"no plans" weekends are the best weekends

We've had quite a few weekends recently where we've had no plans or obligations. It has been nice, but of course we always fill up our time and the days fly by just as fast as all of the weekends + days off work before.

Friday night we had The Pleich family over and I am ashamed to say that I didn't get one picture of their sweet little bundle, Justice. I don't know what I was thinking!

Saturday we had a sweet friend drop by some hand-me-down jammies for Kai {thanks again Robyn!} then we lounged around until the sunshine beckoned the boys out back.

They ran through the grass, explored all the hidden corners of the yard, picked pebbles out of mud and kicked the ball around. Kai also mimicked the far of train noises. In the bottom left photo above he is saying "hooooo". 

After cleaning up we were off to run some errands. Picking up a .60 cent lightswitch at the hardware store turned into a $15 bill when we decided to get replacement chalkboard pain for the kitchen + high heat paint for the BBQ. whoopsie.

Picking up some blank DVD's from Grandpa Ron turned into some playtime + a free lunch, hooray! Then off to nap for both Malakai and myself. After that we headed out again to G'Pa + Mima's house so Ben could help my brother with his Mr. Falcon skit and we could everyone (that may or may not be my brother in the blonde wig...sigh).

Malakai got some play time with my parents...

Aunt Nanner + her boyfriend...

{he was laughing HYSTERICALLY at a game they made up with the cups}

and Uncle Cody...
{total center of attention as he danced to Cody's guitar playing}

My sister came home with us to stay the night so she could come to church and help out in the nursery. Oddly enough there was not one single baby (4 months-2 years) for first service that morning! So she got to run around the church with me while I did my usual thing for the rest of the service before Ben + Kai met us there for 2nd service.

The rest of Sunday was SUPER lazy and really nice. I may have taken another nap.

How was your weekend?

Monday, March 21, 2011

11 weeks...

goodness, I'm a bit behind around here! I spent Friday cleaning the house for some friends to come that evening. It was such a blessing that I felt well enough to get laundry done + put away, floors swept, mopped + vacuumed, shelves dusted, and clutter properly placed.

This week is spring break in our area and we were able to borrow an extra car from my in-laws for Ben to take to work so I'm able to use our car during the day to get errands done. Oh how much more pleasant the grocery store is on a weekday morning rather than at dinner time or on weekends!

I'm now 11 weeks pregnant and starting to feel a bit better. My appetite is slowly coming back and I'm doing better at staying hydrated. Unfortunately I've had to focus heavily on Kai's hydration as he has an upset tummy if you know what I mean. Pedialyte + rice crackers for him today!

Here is my growing belly at 11 weeks, not different from last week than I can tell.

How far along? 11 weeks 3 days
Total weight gain/loss: no clue.
Stretch marks? nope
Maternity Clothes:  I can wear most of my pre-preg jeans, but they are very uncomfortable when I sit. 
Sleep: tossing + turning
Best moment this week: return of my appetite.
Movement: I swear I felt little swimmies at 10 ish weeks. I felt Kai at 14 weeks, so it's not too far fetched in my opinion.
Gender: can't wait to find out in May. 
Labor Signs: course not.
Food Cravings: cake + ice cream.
Belly Button in or out? in
What I miss: coffee.
What I am looking forward to: getting past the "is she or isn't she?" stage (same as last week). A friend at church who is also pregnant put it well when she said it's like I ate too much pizza. ha!
Weekly Wisdom: take advantage of the energy you have to get things done so you can relax when you feel crummy.
Milestones: feeling movement, don't hate.
Baby Brain Moment of the Week: thinking staff meeting was at 11:30, when it was really at 11, whoops!

Fun pictures and weekend updates coming tomorrow.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thankful on a Thursday: energy

It has been 4 weeks since the nausea (not morning, but more like all day and especially at night sickness), indigestion + heartburn, headaches, and just plain exhaustion settled in. Since then our house has become a complete disaster area. Literally 4-5 loads of laundry sat in baskets unfolded and rummaged through each day to find what we needed. Dishes piled high until Ben had a free evening to take them on. Clutter gathered all of our desk and in the middle of the dining room table. There had been just enough room at the edge to keep Kai from reaching the mess and to for us to eat dinner there. I could take pictures to prove it, but since I haven't even posted pictures of what our home looks like on a good day, I don't think I want to start with the mess.

Thankfully I've had some energy returning to me and Ben has had more free evenings this week than the usual week. Last night we got all but 1 load of laundry put away while we waited for Malakai to fall asleep (the daylight savings thing has really put a damper on our routine). Today I hope to get the other load, plus one that is currently washing all put away, the clutter organized and out of the way and generally cleanliness and order restored to our home. The perfect motivators: renewed energy, and houseguests tomorrow!

So here's my thankful list and then I'm off to burn up this energy before it disappears!

I am thankful for...

551. feeling a bit better today than days past.

552. new games with Malakai that we invent together. playtime is so fun these days!

553. the hope I have in God's provision for the money we'll need for Kai's surgery + new little Bean's birth.

554. a "new" free phone. Somehow I got a free upgrade and am getting a certified pre-owned LG Octane to replace my 2 year old EnV2. I'm guessing this will be my last phone before everything is a smartphone.

555. our small home that keeps us living simple. I'm actually EXCITED for a spring clean to make more room in this place.

556. Swap Mama's. I discovered this site after a google search for used maternity clothes (all my old stuff is too big). LOVE it! I am able to swap a bunch of my clothes for maternity stuff just for the price of shipping, score!

557. lists. I've always loved lists, but being able to use my chalkboard in the kitchen not only saves on scraps of paper all over the place but it also saves my poor tired pregnant brain from forgetting important things.

558. white noise. Everyone in this house (especially Kai) sleeps soundly thanks to the heavy rain sound on our alarm clock.

559. being pregnant. I'm so thankful for the new life growing in my belly. We can't wait to find out the gender so we can plan, but that hasn't stopped us from buying baby stuff already!

560. forgiveness. My husband is so patient and forgiving and Lord knows I need him to be when I'm feeling sick, tired, and just plain cranky.

What are you thankful for this week?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

20 months

Only 4 months until Malakai's 2nd Birthday. I can hardly believe it. I have a feeling I'm going to think this way every single year as he and his future siblings get older. It's exciting and sad at the same time. If you've seen Toy Story 3 I think they capture the sad feelings of having a child grow and become more independent so well. Too well really, I don't recommend watching while pregnant or extra emotional unless you want to turn into a sobbing mess.

This age can be fun + frustrating at the same time. Malakai is learning new things all the time and saying new words literally every day. He plays pretend, mimics sounds, gives the sweetest hugs + kisses, feeds himself, and loves books. He has also bitten on occasion, pulled out the hem of his favorite blanket, turns the tv on + off a hundred times a day, climbs + runs on the couch, and learned the art of a tantrum.

Over the weekend we were at a family birthday party and when I broke his pizza into pieces for him he cried harder than he has ever cried before. He was so angry with me for ruining his pizza. Once he stopped crying he was making the most pathetic pouty face Ben + I about started crying along with him! I felt so bad for how frustrated he must have been, not being able to communicate what he wanted.

In the past few days he started calling Ben's dad "Bapa" for Grandpa, and my dad "Boppi" for G'Pa. He has taken to calling my mom "Mommy" which is kind of funny, but makes sense since it's her nickname, Mima, turned around. He calls me Mama, so it's not confusing...yet. Although, when we tried to get him to say Grandma for Ben's mom, it comes out Mama. He'll get it eventually. What's important and exciting (especially for his grandparents) is that he immediately recognizes them and calls them by name when he sees them.

Out of curiosity I started a list of all the words he can say and over the past week I've documented 88 words + phrases. Here are some examples of what he says on a daily basis:

"What's that/What's this?"
"Where'd it go?"
"What'd you do?"
"There it is!"
"did it!"
"thank you"

and our favorite "It's an ipod!" which was a rather shocking response when we pointed at the ipod touch and simple asked "what's this?" a few weeks ago.

please (which also means yes)
off, on - his current favorites

and much more!

It is so fun to watch him learn and grow. It is so rewarding to teach him something new and surely humbling to have him mimic something we'd rather not have him say or do. It makes us reflect more on ourselves and how we want to raise our children. Being parents has really made us want to be better versions of ourselves.

Our sweet boy has the best head of shaggy wavy locks that is a bit overdue for a haircut (easier said than done), bright green eyes, chunky little toes, scrumptious rolls on his thighs, a very round belly, and a contagious smile. He loves family + friends but also is friendly to anyone he meets, shouting "hi!" at the grocery store or doctor's office.

Happy 20 months Malakai Benson!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

surgery update

After the frustrating visit we had with Dr. K on Friday, I calmed down and called Dr. W's office to schedule a second surgery consultation. They informed me that he'd be back Monday and asked if I could call back then. I was happy to do so since I wasn't expecting him back that soon. Praise the Lord!

I also emailed our pediatrician, Dr. B, to inform her of what happened. I loved her response which started out with "That's SO weird!" as she went on to tell me that she spoke to Dr. K in person about Malakai and she still took our case. She also urged us to dispute any charges as we shouldn't get billed for 2 consultations for one surgery when the surgeon initially took us on and then backed out during the appointment. It was very comforting to hear that from another doctor.

I called Dr. W's office this morning and scheduled our consultation for later this month. We have to wait two weeks, but that's nothing compared to the 2-3 months I was expecting to wait. I still don't know how long it will be until the actual surgery is scheduled, but we have made some promising progress and I am so thankful for that. The rest will fall into place and we are trusting God to get us there.

Thank you all for your supportive comments, emails, tweets, texts and especially for your prayers. Malakai has been doing well  and hasn't had any more flare ups. He's just especially "strong-willed" lately, but that just comes with the territory aka toddlerhood.

PS Ben is back at it over in his corner of the internet. Check out Stories for Kiddos!

Monday, March 14, 2011

10 (ish) weeks

Last pregnancy I was so good at the updating on the day a new week into the pregnancy started. Well, I was 10 weeks on Friday. We hadn't taken a photo since 8 weeks (not that a ton had changed) so we took one on Saturday and now I'm finally posting it on Monday. I can't believe it's been a whole week since I've posted any new photos on the blog! It doesn't mean I wasn't taking pictures, that's physically impossible for me, I just hadn't fished them off my camera yet.

Anyway, here I am looking rather pregnant at only 10 weeks. I think it's a mix of showing earlier with the 2nd pregnancy and being 10lbs + 5 sizes smaller than last time.

Today at church, running around doing my "thing" I started to feel particularly heavy + achey. It's too soon!

Here's one of those fun surveys to keep up with the progress of my pregnancy. If you hate these, then feel free scroll through for some pictures of Kai :)

How far along? 10 weeks 3 days
Total weight gain/loss: none yet.
Stretch marks? nope
Maternity Clothes:  bought a smaller pair of jeans that fit great (pictured) until I walked for a while and they started to slide down. haha.
Sleep: pretty good despite some crazy vivid dreams.
Best moment this week: being heartburn free!
Movement:  too early
Gender: no clue!
Labor Signs: course not.
Food Cravings: breakfast foods: cinnamon rolls (check!), waffles (check!), eggs (check!), homefries (check!)
Belly Button in or out? in
What I miss: a regular appetite
What I am looking forward to: getting past the "is she or isn't she?" stage.
Weekly Wisdom: take it easy. unfolded laundry (no matter how high the pile) isn't the end of the world.
Milestones: "feeling" pregnant
Baby Brain Moment of the Week: I think I've been doing pretty well remembering things so far...but maybe you should ask my husband :)

Now here are a few photos from our past week or so, mostly of Malakai of course. Sorry I held out on ya'll for so long. 

{1st fingerpainting with his friend Haley}

{playing outside with daddy}

{preferring the couch to his Elmo chair these days}

{sweet little tip-toes + leg-rolls}

How was your past week + weekend? 

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