Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Ok, I'm not actually "showing" but I feel like I'm already at the "is she pregnant or just gaining weight?" stage, which last time was closer to 12 weeks, not 7! Yikes. Everyone has been reminding me that you show earlier with your 2nd pregnancy, but this seems way too early for that!

I am starting out 10 lbs lighter this time, which I think of as a plus. Except that it already bothers me to have jeans dig into my baby-bloat and my smallest pair of maternity pants are incredibly baggy. I mostly blame my rear-end, which shrank considerably after I had Malakai (sadface). I normally don't talk this candidly around the blog, but I figure if I can't be straightforward about the realities of pregnancy, then I might as well not talk about it. That being said, I'll spare you any forthcoming bodily functions that are sure to ensue in the coming months. There are enough expectant ladies out there covering those topics.

Anyway, I don't think I'll be posting a weekly picture this early, but I plan on taking them for my own comparisons. I may also start posting stats on a semi-weekly basis like I did with Malakai. In the meantime I'll be trying to figure out how to make my current wardrobe work for my ever changing and very different body this time around.

If you've been pregnant more than once, how were your pregnancies different? How were they the same?


  1. Oh I was so there not too long ago... regular pants weren't cutting it, but the maternity stuff was wayyyy too baggy still. And I so get the butt thing too! I felt way more bloated the second time as well for a while. You'll get that adorable little bump soon :)

    To answer your question - overall, they've been exactly the same, with the exception mentioned above. At least so far...

  2. I showed quicker with my second. And I think that the 12 week mark is always the most ackward. You'll be showing that baby bump in no time and they won't be thinking chunk. ;)

  3. I started showing WAY before I did when I was pregnant with B but I figure actually showing is better than just being bloated & feeling fat :)

  4. Started off 10 lbs lighter this time too and still started showing about 3 weeks earlier. I feel like I've been lucky to feel better this time around because I was in better shape... hopefully this will be the case for you too :) Enjoy!!


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