Friday, February 11, 2011

photo friday: toddlerhood

Malakai has been doing such "big boy" things lately. He's able to repeat almost anything he hears and is amazing at recognition of people and objects. He has started calling my mom, "mimi" or "mami" (instead of the preferred mima), and he's also mimicking a lot of things we do. We've very careful about words and actions these days, even something seemingly innocent that an adult could say ("that's stupid") doesn't sound right coming out of a toddler's mouth.

Today I caught him reading his book all sprawled out on his floor...

{yes, he's wearing Christmas pajamas in February}

Then he decided he was going to play "diaper change"

{luckily he didn't try taking off the one he was wearing}

Once he spotted me taking his picture he came over to see the camera and say "cheesth"

{love my boy's green eyes}

And currently he has been avoiding his nap for the past 90 minutes by talking to himself, learning that his bed is quite springy and nice for jumping, and kicking the sides of his crib.


Happy Weekend,

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