Monday, February 28, 2011


Two stories.

The first took place when my mom, Malakai, + I visited my cousin + her newborn baby girl last week. My mom told my cousin that she should definitely have more babies. Here's how the rest of the conversation went:

Me: (to my mom) "she JUST had a baby"
       (to my cousin) " she didn't even say that to me after I had Kai!"

Mom: "well I knew you would have more soon after him, you're almost 30!"

Me: "thanks a lot, mom."

I'm only 2 years older than my cousin, and she is the same age now as I was when I had Kai. She is my mother, so of course she gets away with saying things like this.

The second story happened this past Saturday at a Women's Conference I went to with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. We were in our first breakout session titled "Riding the Waves in a Sea of Change." The presenter started off by asking us to share some changes going on in our lives currently. One lady mentioned her husband's retirement, another that she has an "empty nest".

Presenter: "How about some of you younger ladies?"

I raised my hand, she called on me.

Me: "I'm expecting my second child."

Presenter: (to me)"Congratulations."
                (to the room) "And now how about from some of the younger ladies?"


My sister-in-law and I looked at each other + scoffed. I certainly thought that having my second child made me much younger than someone going through an empty nest or their husband's retirement. Apparently not young enough.


  1. Ouch! Maybe the presenter thought you were in your later 30's since many women these days are married in their 30's, then wait to have children until late 30's. However, the presenter also saw you, and shouldn't think you're that old from seeing you face to face.

    I have to admit I had hoped to have all my babies before I'm 30. I want either 3 or 4, and I'll be 26 this year. I don't think I'll have them all by 30, but my mom certainly had all three of us by the time she was 30. I even remember her 30th birthday. Their generation just started families younger.

  2. Yeah, even if I were mid-30's it is still "younger" compared to someone in their mid-60's!

    I had once thought I'd have all my kids before 30, I'll still be 29 when this babe is born. But since I didn't get married til 25 it didn't really pan out. No biggie, God plans are better than mine!

  3. Wow... I hate when that happens. People really don't think sometimes. I can't understand your mom maybe pulling that one out, but a stranger?! Holy crap! You don't even look 30!!!


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