Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thankful on a Thursday: the loot

This is the last of my birthday posts, for those of you getting sick of it. I was actually going to combine this with my last post, but it would have been entirely too lengthy.

We were surely blessed over the holidays with thoughtful + useful gifts from our family. Having a birthday just 4 days after Christmas isn't as bad as it may sound. I have a lot of people asking me if it was a bummer growing up. My only complaints were Christmas wrapping or themed gifts, not having my friends around (especially in college) because of the break, and combination gifts. 

The perks of having my birthday smack dab between Christmas + New Year are pretty good though. While I used to be bummed about combo gifts, it often allows for something a bit nicer than usual. Being right after Christmas I also get asked what was missed from my wish list and then get a 2nd chance at it for my birthday. For the gift givers who are brave enough to shop just after Christmas, they can get some good deals on birthday gifts. 

Now that I'm older, I don't really mind the things I used to. I even thought I didn't want a party, but Ben really wanted to throw one for my golden birthday. I'm so glad he did. We had a great time filling our house up with family + friends. 

I was also blessed by some very thoughtful gifts. One friend is going to take me out to lunch, which I'm really looking forward to. Another gave me a beautiful card with pretty magnet. One of my aunts (who is more like a sister) brought me a beautiful bouquet of my favorite flowers. They are still lovely and fragrant a week later!

{stargazer lilies + red roses}

I also got something I didn't even know I wanted! My parents gave me my first ever leather handbag. 

I've always wanted a red purse (it's my favorite color) but never expected to get something this nice! Genuine leather, Tignanello (tea-nay-nello) designer handbag people! I must admit, I had never even heard of this brand before, but since receiving it I've found it's a popular one.

Here are some of the other thoughtful gifts I received for my 29th on the 29th...

{a planning calendar, Mary Kay products, Red Letter Words wall art, a lovely red pashmina}

I'm so thankful for...

451. loving + generous family and friends.

452. a week with a few less obligations than the previous ones.

453. Ben's mom for not only watching Kai so I could put in some office hours, but for letting me use her car to get there.

454. nursery volunteers at our church. they truly love the kids and are so sacrificial of their time + energy!

455. quiet evening chats with Ben. Last night we researched SUV's together even though there's no way we will be able to afford a second car anytime soon.

456. watching my son fall asleep. 

457. steady and enjoyable jobs.

458. Malakai's love for music. He's been singing + dancing a lot these days. 

459. the one car that we do have.

460. our (usually) quiet neighborhood. 

What are you thankful for this week?

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  1. I love the handbag!!! I've never heard of the brand either, but it's gorgeous!


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