Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thankful on a Thursday: extrinsic motivations

I'm starting to find that I'm not as intrinsically motivated as I once thought. Being a stay at home/work at home type of person can open up these kinds of discoveries.

Some days I'd rather just sit and catch up on my favorite blogs, flip through the latest issue or Real Simple,  or stalk facebook during Kai's nap time than do the dishes, sweep, or fold laundry. A lot of days, that's exactly what I do. It often takes someone coming over for me to un-clutter our house.

By no means is our home dirty, but it is often cluttered. We have a mail sorter on the wall that I knew could be a disaster if we let it...and lately we've let it.

I get a sense of motivation and even excitement over hurriedly tidying things up in our house in anticipation of a visitor or event. I also find this same excitement over when I go into the office once a week that just isn't the same as when I work from home. I'm an extrovert and as such I'm fueled by people and social situations.

Having a job where I can actually "go" to work wasn't something that I realized I was missing until I started doing it again (part time). I love getting ready and going to the office to get things done. I love working with volunteers, kids, and parents on Sunday mornings.

I am so thankful for

481. my job that brings out a part of me that was hibernating, as well as challenges me in new ways.

482. new transitions. After this week I'm no longer doing daycare. By the grace of God I've been able to see the positives in this and not get too emotional about missing little Henry.

483. the sunshine + impromptu plans. In a few short moments Kai + I are going to take a walk to the park with the lovely Jamie.

484. unexpected resources for a wealth of knowledge about children's ministry and a friendship that's forming over email + phone call. I heart technology.

485. A roadtrip! Ben + I are going to take Malakai on his first second road trip ever. Ben is going to Generation Unleashed with our church. Meanwhile Kai and I are going to visit with friends in the area and check out Coava.

486. Starbucks gift cards. Without which I would not get the sweet treat of an occasional Caramel Macchiato

487. finding time to surprise Ben with fresh baked cookies after his super exciting Wednesday night class.

488. did I mention Starbucks? Um yes, their petite vanilla bean scones. yum.

489. sleeping through the night. Malakai has only been doing this for 4 months (I know, whoah) and every once in a while teething keeps us up in the night. Needless to say, I'm always thankful for a full 8 hour stretch!

490. the ability to watch my sweet sweet boy learn + grow.

What are you thankful for this week?

P.S. Happy early weekend, I know I'll be way too busy to blog tomorrow!


  1. I'm thankful for much the same. I suffer with the very same issues you do. Thankfully, my mother in-law arrives tomorrow. Her visit, plus Liam's first birthday party, has motivated me to do the "deep cleaning" I often put off. The office/craft/guest room is now clean, and the general papers and clutter have been picked up.

    I love having people visit, and I love visiting people.

    If you're ever coming this way, you're more then welcome to visit. Our door's always open :)

  2. Michael is also in love with those tiny vanilla scones :) My parents have been out of town all week, so I've just been making dinner for Michael every night and enjoying the time we have to get to 'play house'...only six more months before it's for real! :)


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