Monday, January 31, 2011

Portland Oregon in less than 24 hours

{I started this with the intent to publish as soon as it was done. Kai went on a nap strike and so now it is just after bedtime and I'm finally getting back to it}

I'm terrible about blogging on Mondays. On Sunday nights when the weekend is coming to a close, I'd rather just hang with my family after how busy our weekend was (and always are). I don't blog in the mornings because I'm playing with and looking after Malakai, who needs constant close supervision these days.

So here it is nap time, and although Malakai is not yet sleeping, I am updating around here. It's helping me stay out of his room when I hear him kicking the crib or unzipping his jammies. I keep thinking that if I let him be, he'll fall asleep as usual. I have a scary thought in the back of my head that he might be thinking he's done with naps. Please no.

So anyway, our weekend. Ben was asked if he'd like to accompany our church's youth up to Portland for Generation Unleashed, which takes place at our parent church (the church that planted ours). While at first he thought he'd have to decline because of work, he was able to work it out to go up for Friday night's last session, and the two final sessions on Saturday morning.

I was planning on staying home, but when he mentioned he might have his own hotel room, I thought it would be fun to tag along. We found out on Thursday that Kai and I would for sure be able to tag along. I had already made plans for Friday with my sister-in-law Kristi, my aunt (who is more like a sister) Sarah, and my high school bestie, Lindsey.

Ben came home from work and we were already packed up to go. So we loaded up and headed out. I had prepared for Malakai's first wakeful 2 hour car ride with a no-spill snack bowl, a cup with a straw, new board books, and an AquaDoodle drawing pad. That day he only napped for 45 minutes and passed out on our ride up for about 90 minutes. I won't complain.

Since Ben was already arriving to GU late, he dropped us off to check in at the hotel and headed to the church. The girls met up with me and we headed to dinner at Chevy's, a tex-mex style restaurant that was a block from the hotel. Since Ben had the car, and the carseat, it was perfect. Malakai was not the biggest fan of sitting some more and was not the easiest to tame for dinner. When we headed back to the hotel Lindsey took her sweet little dog Chloe out of the car and smuggled her up to my room in her jacket.

Chloe chased Malakai all over the room, he was giggling non-stop which meant all four of us girls were doing the same. Then I made sure we got a photo of all of us together. I propped the camera on the tv and set the timer. Chloe and Kai even looked at the camera!

{Lindsey, Chloe, me, Kristi, Malakai, Sarah}

Kristi stayed a little after Linds + Sarah had to go. Malakai was acting sleepy, he kept saying "nuh-night" and laying down on the big bed.

{Kristi captured this photo, Kai looks so big!}

Despite playing bedtime, Malakai would not go to bed for me. I tried for over an hour before daddy came to the hotel and had the little guy out within ten minutes. He is so stuck to the daddy bedtime routine. Although, he just doesn't do well away from home. 

The next morning we rolled out of bed and dropped Ben off at GU and went to meet Carina at Coava Coffee (after I got lost), which I had read about on Today's Letters just last week. The atmosphere was interesting and unique, the coffee was delicious. One of the owners made my coffee, how often does that happen at other coffee shops? If I could afford the expense, I'd be sold on their Kone filter.

{the dirty drill press was Malakai's favorite}

{what's that?!}

Then we were off to downtown to do some browsing at the new H&M (I'd never been) and a few other places. Eugene's Gap Kids store shutdown a few years ago, so I had to pop into the one there and was glad I did. I got Kai some cutie jeans and a long sleeve button-up shirt for just $13. 

After a good visit it was time to load up Malakai in the car with his lunch and I headed over to pick up Ben. Once he finished his sandwich, Kai was out for the entire 2 hour drive home. 

It went by incredibly fast, but I'm so glad we were able to go. 

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  1. I wish I could bottle Kai's laughter up and save it for a rainy day, he is so precious! :)


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