Friday, January 7, 2011

nothing post

I'm working on a couple posts, but I won't finish them til next week. And since it's so late in the day on a Friday I just decided to share this little nothing post with the few that are reading blogs right about now.

Today was an especially interesting one around here. I got up at 5:45 with a very sleepy and crabby Malakai. He wanted me to hold him (love) but didn't want to fall asleep. I finally put him down to get dressed and he fell back to sleep at about 6:45. Silly bean.

So I had a rare morning to myself to get ready, make coffee, life journal, and even do a little bit of work.

Then Henry got dropped off and even though Malakai had just woken up 5 minutes prior, he went spastic. Running all over, doing this really fast marching in place thing with his legs that he does when he's over the top excited. Then he started throwing toys all over. He was TOTALLY showing off for his friend.

Once he had his breakfast and calmed down a bit I started to clean up some clutter only to spill my coffee all over the clutter, and my laptop, the floor, the raggedy upholstery on the dining room chair...mess. It's really hard to clean up a spill when all your toddler wants to do is put his hands in every part of it simultaneously. My computer survived, the floor is clean, and the chair got soaked with some stain remover and is drying in the garage. I need to reupholster them anyway.

Later the boys threw all 80-some plastic balls out of the ball pit. I tried to get them to help clean them up, it didn't work very well. It was cute, so I let it slide. Then they did it again an hour later. Gotta love boys.

{not a great photo, but I just enjoy the look on Kai's face}

Malakai also decided that slamming a giant plastic blender (toy) into my hand whilst I was changing his diaper would be the best idea. It wasn't. We're still working on the no hitting. Also, the sharing. This is a really difficult stage for teaching fairly complicated concepts. Like, how come I can hit my hand on this toy to get it to make a noise, but I can't hit my hand on mama's face to get her to make a noise?

Anyway, last night Malakai did this really cute thing, and because this post is about nothing in particular I'm going to tell you about it.

Ben was watching something on tv. I can't remember what, maybe Malakai was watching Elmo? That's not the point. Ben was laying on the rug in front of the couch and Malakai climbed up into his lap and laid himself down like Ben was the best ever comfy lounge chair. He did this for about 10 minutes and it was so sweet. I'm pretty sure Ben wasn't very comfortable in this position, but he was enjoying the moment and didn't want to ruin it by moving.

{love this}

This weekend I'm finally redeeming my Christmas gift from Ben from 2009. Yep, 2009. It was a giftcard for a haircut + massage at my favorite salon + day spa. I already used the haircut, but had trouble finding time to schedule the massage. I can't wait! I also scheduled myself a bang trim just before since I'm out doing things for me and I really need it.

And here's a photo of Ben + I at La Perla Pizzeria. It was on our little point + shoot camera, but I forgot about it when I did my update post. I like it, so I decided to share it.

{even though the bottle looks like it's stabbing Ben's eye}

Happy Weekend!


  1. "Malakai also decided that slamming a giant plastic blender (toy) into my hand whilst I was changing his diaper would be the best idea. It wasn't."

    This made me laugh! :)

    And thanks for posting a blog at this time of day, when some of us are still hoping to find something new to read.

  2. Love that last picture of you guys. So cute!

  3. I love reading your blogs. I can fully relate :)

    I don't know how you find time to keep up on the blogs. I feel accomplished if I get two out a week. It's a challenge. Either Liam's awake and demanding my attention, or he's asleep and I need to use the time to shower or complete chores.

    I'm glad you do so many. They're always a highlight to read :)

  4. I love the photo of Malakai laying on his daddy- so adorable. Totally understand the feeling of not wanting to move! We love those very rare moments when Tristan will actually lay his head on our shoulders or sit still for a story- we don't want to move a muscle and just try to soak that wonderfulness in!


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