Monday, January 3, 2011


This started out as one of those "year in review" posts. I was going to posts photos and a month by month recount of our year. Then, life got in the way. I also realized, that if you wanted to know what we did month by month you could just click on the posts to the lower left. So...instead of waste my time + energy on that, I made a photo collage to represent our year. It took me 10 minutes.

We just had a glorious 5 day vacation. We ate, took naps, visited with family, and I got older. Tomorrow Ben goes back to the office and I have an appointment. Back to the real world for us.

When I catch a few minutes I'll update in more detail, especially about my fantastic birthday surprises courtesy of my most wonderful husband!

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  1. Oh my word... this is so much better! I love picture recaps! What a wonderful year!! Here is to a great 2011!!!


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