Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thankful on a Thursday: I am not a shopper

I just don't have it in me to make it through the holiday shopping craze. It's especially challenging with a very independent and very vocal 17 month old boy. It's exhausting just chasing him around our 900 square feet house. The mall? Fahgettaboudit.

But go to the mall we did, and just before that, the Dollar Tree. I made the mistake of not bringing the stroller into the Dollar Tree. At first he walked with me holding my hand, then in a blink he was running wild around the store. When I tried to hold him, he'd lean all 25.5 lbs over my arm and whine "bweez, bweez" to get down. By the time we were finished, I was burning up and totally exhausted.

At the mall I did bring the stroller in. Malakai was taking in the sights + sounds of decorations, music, and smiling strangers for the most part. He didn't melt down until we decided to eat in the food court (I already loath the mall, but I particularly loath the food court). He threw a quick fit but was easily quieted by food and watching some older kids jump around at the table next to us.

I let him out after he ate and we played peek-a-boo with his stroller, which he thought was absolutely hilarious. Then I tried taking him to an open space to run a bit and he flipped. I guess he wasn't done playing with the stroller. He ran, he trilled, he smacked his sweet little head on a metal chair leg, he screamed, and he screamed. I scooped him up and tried to comfort him right away, but I he was still angry about the stroller and didn't seem to care about the visible lump on his head. As soon as he got to the stroller, he continued to peek at me from behind it and giggle with delight as if nothing had happened.

A few moments later, I had Malakai back up on my hip as we were trying to pack up our stuff and head out. An older man came up to me and said "Excuse me, but when he fell, he hit his head".  I assured the man that I saw Kai fall (duh, I picked him up immediately) and that he was fine. It was really strange, I'm not quite sure what his point was.

On the way out my mom wanted to grab something from Sephora. I let Malakai push the stroller around a big open space while we waited. Then it was about time to go so I put him in and he yelled at the top of his lungs while I strolled him with a forced smile towards his Mema. Luckily, I was faced with many knowing looks from women who had surely been in my shoes, instead of irritated scowls, but it was still embarrassing just the same.

I wrestled Malakai into his car seat and within minutes of leaving the parking lot he passed out. I was about ready to do the same, and we headed back home.


Sadly, I still have a lot more shopping to get done. Next time I think I'll leave Malakai at home to run around with Ben so I can get in, get out, and get on with life.

Despite my frustrating experience, I am so thankful for...

411. my mom taking us out + about and helping with Kai when she could. She could out shop anyone I know!

412. new possibilities.

413. having enough to purchase gifts for our loved ones, as modest as they might be.

414. the ability to call out to God in times of need + praise him in times of joy.

415. short quiet moments to recharge.

416. my mischievous little boy

{in this blurry cell snapshot, he emptied his toybox so he could climb in + snag the remote}

417. a chance to celebrate my Gram on her birthday tonight with family.

418. the winter sun pouring in my window.

419. a happy healthy wonderful marriage.

420. the outlet I've found in being crafty again. It has been way too long.

What are you thankful for this week?

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