Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thankful on a Thursday: Breaking New Ground, again

Life is hitting a busy season for us again. I'm trying to remember if it actually ever slowed down. Either way, we've definitely got a lot more going on right now that we usually do. Only half of which is related to the holiday hustle + bustle.

The biggest change, that I've been alluding to all week, is that I took on a new job! It happened quite suddenly and unexpectedly over the last couple of weeks. Starting this past Sunday I am now the Nursery Director at our church. It's part time + I have the ability to do most of the job from home so I can still stay home with Malakai + provide daycare with the kiddos I'm currently watching. There are a lot of changes taking place, and I'm so excited for what God has planned.

Despite the "go, go, go" we've still taken time to do what matters to us most, spend time with each other, especially our ever changing son.

This week I'm thankful for

421. Malakai's developing love for books.

422. God's provision in the most unexpected ways.

423. Malakai finally recovering from a lingering sickness.

424. nakey-time

{Kai climbed into Daddy's lap before bathtime, LOVE this photo}

425. getting our Christmas cards in the mail! They turned out so good (I'll share them here once they've been mailed out).

426. making progress in our independent eating adventures

427. making progress on our Christmas shopping. ALMOST done!

428. Elmo/Cuddle time in the mornings.

429. a husband who cares so much about what I want to do for my birthday that he struggles to pull off a surprise. Better luck next year love!

430. a break in the rain + a morning at the park.

What are you thankful for this week?

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