Friday, December 10, 2010

more crafty DIY projects

I haven't traded baking for crafting, I've been doing both! I haven't made things by hand in a very long time. Long before Malakai was born I busied myself with a lot of other things. I think Christmas inspired me to bring my creative side back out.

Last week I made a couple of tissue paper pom-poms. One I hung up in our room + the other is mini-sized for a gift embellishment. These things are my new obsession.

{never mind our messy bedroom}

Then while I was out picking up stocking stuffers I came across a foam circle for making a wreath. I've been wanting a yarn wreath so I googled instructions + found this adorable blog

Mine is much smaller than these, and I didn't use any batting to make it fluffy. Everything else I used I already had. I wrapped it with black yarn (while watching The Sing-Off),  then a red ribbon.

 I added on a foam plumeria flower from our wedding cake (sent to us from one of my aunties in Hawaii). Since I pinned on the ribbon + flower, I can change what it looks like easily.

The next thing I make I won't be able to blog about until after Christmas because it's a gift that I don't want to spoil!


  1. very cute!! I love making tissue paper poms for parties! They have such impact and cost like, a dollar!

  2. Love both of them & you will be able to use your pom pom making skills for so many different things!!


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