Monday, December 13, 2010

an event-ful week

Last week was packed with events, and surprisingly none of them were in relation to Christmas. On Thursday my Grandma turned 70 and we had a big celebration for her that evening.

{Great Grandpa + Gram}

Malakai had a lot of energy and was running all over the place. Ben + I took turns chasing him around. He also gave Uncle Cody, G'Pa, + Mima quite a workout.  

{our little blur}

Friday Ben was sick with some weird flu thing (AGAIN!) and Malakai's ear seemed to (STILL) be bothering him. Ben stayed home and I took Malakai for a follow up appointment. Thankfully his ears are perfectly fine. Unfortunately, he's still recovering from his cold. His glands are swollen + his throat is red, which could be why he's feeling pressure in his ears. Sadly he's been cranky more often than not and having a lot of difficulty napping + sleeping at night even with some pain relievers.

Saturday we were busy preparing for something awesome that I'll save for another post. Later that afternoon I went to my cousin's baby shower. Her little girl with be the 2nd great-grand on our side of the family + the first girl of her generation. 

I may have acquired a slight case of baby-fever watching her open all the adorable baby girl gifts. 

{me, my sister, cousin Angela, aunt Sarah, + cousin Valeena}

It was so much fun to spend time with family outside of the upcoming Christmas gatherings (we have 4 and our parents are all still married). 

Sunday was a whirlwind of a day that I'll also save for another more detailed post. It will include an interesting + exciting announcement, so check back for that!

How did you spend your weekend? I bet most of you were Christmas shopping!

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