Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Christmas came a bit early for Ben + I this year.

A few months ago I proposed the (dangerous) idea of he and I forgoing all other Christmas, Birthday (mine is in two weeks), Birthday (his is in Feb.) gifts from each other and replace our old television. If you know anything about Ben, you know he is really into electronics. So suggesting this to him instantly made me wife of the year.

We of course talked about the financial implications, when and how to get the best deal, and if it would be doable. A few times we figured it just wasn't going to work and we'd get each other something fairly cheap in celebration of the upcoming events. This would have been just fine, but I know Ben would have been sorely disappointed.

Forgoing all our financial details we were able to work it out. We got a great deal on a 42" LCD by LG. Ben had done much research on getting just the right components to mount it to the wall and hide the cables (also for great prices at

The pieces came little by little through the mail and Ben scheduled a time for both of our dads to come help with set up this past Saturday.

Of course a 2 hour event took 6 hours when all was said + done, but it's up and it's fantastic.

{keeping Kai preoccupied was...interesting}


Oddly enough, my favorite part is that Malakai can't reach the power button. He was always turning the tv on. Ironically, this morning he pointed to the remote and said "Elmo?" and I gave in anyway. This kid has me wrapped around his little finger for sure!


  1. Looks great! We made the same upgrade last month and are also excited about Jack not being to reach buttons! :o)

  2. Congrats on the tv. We had the same issue a while back, but now I'm SO glad we spent that money; it makes all the difference.
    I sometimes wonder if we're the only ones having to be creative with christmas + new year + birthdays in one present. But sometimes you just have to splurge :)


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