Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas blur 2010

Malakai's second Christmas went by in a blur. This was our itinerary:

December 24th

7:30 am Wake up, get everyone ready.

8:45 am head over to Grandpa Ron + Grandma Debbie's house (Ben's parents) for breakfast + visiting with them as well as Aunt Krisit + Uncle David.

12 pm Lunch, attempt to get Malakai to nap away from home. (I took him on a drive in the car)

1:30 pm Malakai wakes from 40 minute nap. Play time and get ready for presents.

2:15 pm exchange gifts.

{evidence that you do start to look like your spouse after a while}

5 pm dinner

5:30 pm pack up and head out.

{chillin' in Grandpa's chair}

6 pm Christmas Eve Church Service

7 pm head home, Malakai opens his traditional Christmas Eve gift of jammies + Ben reads him The Night Before Christmas.

7:30 pm Kai's bedtime, Ben + I exchange jammies. Prepare for Christmas day by filling Kai's stocking and tying up loose ends for the upcoming events.

December 25th

7 am wake up and get ready.

7:30 am discover that our car battery is dead. Ben makes urgent phone call to his dad for some help.

8 am problem solved, time for stockings.

8:30 am load up car, head to G'Pa Jim + Mema's house for breakfast + gifts with them as well as Aunt Amanda + Uncle Cody.

{yes, she's wearing footed jammies}

10 am exchange gifts.

{every time Kai received a book, he would sit down and "read" it}

11 am visit + play

12 pm head home for naps

2 pm get ready to leave for big family Christmas, getting a very late start (event time 2:30, drive time 30 minutes)

3:15 pm get out the door with car full of gifts + goodies.

4:30 pm dinner with big family, about 30 people.

5:30 pm gift opening for the kids, aka chaos.

{Ben struggling to get Kai to let go of the candy + open a gift}

6 pm white elephant gift exchange for adults, aka lying + stealing

6:30 pm dessert + visiting

7 pm head over to my dad's side of the family for a surprise visit ( I didn't have my camera)

8 pm head home, get Kai to bed.

9 pm go to bed early because we're all exhausted + I have to work at the church at 8am the next morning.


It almost feels like we missed Christmas it went by so fast. It was a joy to watch Malakai open gifts. It as a VERY Elmo Christmas for him this year...

{chicken dance Elmo, Jammies, handmade chair, 2 books, tickle gloves, slippers + a dvd}

And of course we had a great time visiting with our family.

We have 3 more get togethers this week, for a friend's birthday tomorrow and another Christmas gathering + my birthday party on Thursday. Plus some unknown plans that Ben is cooking up for my actual birthday on the 29th. Then, New Year's Eve, which will probably consist of our regular routine of getting Kai to bed by 8pm and catching up on our Tivo'd shows.

How did you celebrate Christmas? What do you have planned for New Year's Eve?

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  1. Wow, I'm tired just reading this! So cute, all the Elmo stuff Thanks for linking up to my post!

    Dagmar's momsense

  2. sounds like fun but my goodness............aren't you exhausted??

  3. I love Malakai's outfits, he looks so cute and Christmas-y


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