Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Today Malakai is 16 months on the 16th. It's been almost exactly two years since we found out we'd be welcoming a baby the following July (16th).

Even though Ben + I came down with something on Sunday night and are just starting to feel better, I decided to take Malakai to the park down the street. It was a perfectly sunny + crisp fall morning and my boy had been cooped up inside for too long. I thought the short walk + fresh air would do us both some good.

The park was damp + empty. He loves to watch other kids play, but I think he also enjoyed having the whole place to himself to explore.

{this puffer jacket is killin' me}

His favorite is still the swing. He walks up to it now, pats it and says "up."

The whole time he was singing "uh-wee, uh-wee, uh-wee". Even when I'd step back and let him stop swinging to get some photos, he was kicking his feet and whispering his little song.

I started to get cold and Kai a little cranky so we headed back home. About a block from our house I thought he was going to fall asleep but once we strolled up to the garage door he perked up again.

After shedding a few layers he had some quiet time with Elmo (who happens to be about 18 years old) while I made lunch. Now he's napping + I'm taking it easy so I can get healthy for the rest of our week. Still praying that he doesn't wind up getting whatever nasty sickness Ben + I are getting over.

At 16 months Malakai is soaking up information like a little sponge. He's able to repeat almost anything we say (if he's in the mood) and sometimes does things all on his own. Last night he pointed to himself and attempted to say his name. We hadn't really taught him this and were in shock!

I try to keep track of his little milestones on the list to the left, but they are happening so fast these days. I started out writing every little thing down, I think I wrote down the dates of his first 3 teeth and now he has 12! In the long run, it doesn't matter much to us. He's happy, healthy, + developing at a normal rate.

PS thanks to all of you who nominated + voted for me on The Bump's Mommy Blog Awards. I appreciate the support. They'll be announcing a winner tomorrow.

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