Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Malakai's first snowy morning

This morning at a quarter to seven my sweet husband woke me up to tell me it has snowed (last night I told him we should wake up every hour to check for snow). I peeked out our blinds to see a light dusting across our neighborhood.

Something about snowfall makes me feel like a kid again. I get giddy and excited. Once in college, it snowed on Halloween and my girl friends and I got out of bed at 5am and ran around in our jammies. A couple years later it snowed on my birthday and my roommate's boyfriend and I made a snowman while she made us breakfast. We obviously don't get much snow in the Willamette Valley. In fact, we didn't get any last year, so this is Malakai's very first snow! I'm kind of glad he got to experience his first snow at an age where he could actually interact with it.

I took a video of him seeing the snow out the back window for the first time. He wasn't so sure about it. Ben was waiting for a ride from a friend with a better equipped vehicle for driving on the icy roads so we all got to experience the first snow of 2010 together. We bundled Malakai up and took him out front (the backyard was too squishy).

{someone didn't want to let go of his toys}

{what is this fluffy stuff?}

{cold! get it off, get it off!}

{thankful for a cozy warm house}

{from our front door looking out}

The sun is starting to coming out and normally that would mean melting the snow and maybe some rain, but the weather report is freezing, freezing, freezing for the next couple of days. 

Stay safe friends!

Oh, and no I haven't forgotten. I will post the winner of the Hot Mama Handbags giveaway later today!

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