Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's already time for Christmas cards!

I am hoping to get our Christmas cards out early this year. I've been planning on making my own this year. I thought it would be most cost effective to create something on the computer and then print them as photo prints through Shutterfly. That was, until I discovered their promotion through my friend Anna's blog.

If you are a blogger, you can apply to receive 50 free Christmas cards through their current promotion here. So now I find myself looking through all their layouts and my cards might not get out so early this year because I can't seem to choose just one favorite out of all their designs! I have already put together and saved about 17 different versions of cards. I love that I can design as many as I want until I find that perfect design and photo combination.

Here are two of my favorites. I love the modern look with the classic Christmas time feel to them. I don't know if I could choose just one photo to send, so I may have to go with the second one to get more pictures in. I love photo cards.

What design would you choose?


thanks for responding, I love your feedback!

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