Tuesday, November 9, 2010

a golden afternoon

Yesterday after Malakai's nap we headed out to pick up daddy from work. I didn't realize it was raining until I walked out the front door because the sun was streaming so brightly in to the back of the house moments before.

As we hurried to the car Malakai kept saying "wah-der, wah-der!" He was so excited that he let me buckle him into the carseat without a struggle as he watched the thick drops hit the windows.

Once I started driving down our street I saw the brightest rainbow I'd ever seen. Living in the Willamette Valley where it often rains while it's sunny, we see a lot of rainbows. This one was so bright you couldn't even see through it like most. I tried to capture it on my cell phone, but was largely unsuccessful.

I found myself wishing I could capture the beauty of the rain with my camera without having to worry about the drops on the glass getting in the way. 

Besides the leaves, my favorite thing about fall is the golden afternoons. When the sun is starting to set and everything lights up with a warm glow. 

I still find myself staring at the simplicity of the changing weather. Clouds + sunshine come and go quickly around here. I drove through a heavy rain under a dark cloud for the first part of my drive and it had already moved further east by the time I picked up Ben. Just in time to let the sunset shine through a few thinner clouds. 

{angry rain clouds to the east, happy bright clouds to the west}

And because of the lovely end of daylight savings it got dark promptly at 5:30pm. 

Other than the colorful leaves, what else do you love about the fall?

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  1. Wow those are some gorgeous pictures!

    I was wondering what it was I enjoyed about my view of some fields that I see on the way to work. Most of the leaves have already fallen and things are starting to look bare and bleak. But I find a strange comfort in that. It's like I know how beautiful it's going to be again in the spring. And everything can't be beautiful all of the time or we wouldn't appreciate it.

    haha kind of deep for just seeing some dead looking trees... but hey it seemed to touch me :)


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