Monday, November 15, 2010


We are so sick.

Last night I had a sore throat + Ben became feverish. We both woke up multiple times in the night. Today I went in to my doctor's office for some lab work. Later I had to go in to actually see the doctor. After 2 appointments I still don't know much.

Ben's mom is a nurse, after talking with her on the phone we're fairly sure we both have the flu. Not the best news. We're taking it easy, waiting for our body temperatures to regulate themselves, and praying Malakai doesn't get sick.

I was going to post a feature, review + giveaway today but haven't been able to get it ready. Keep checking back this week.


  1. I hope Malakai doesn't get it. Has he had his flu shot? Liam had his first shot at the beginning of the month, and will have the follow up shot early December. Apparently, the first time a child gets a flu shot, they have to get a follow up one a month later. Then in the future they just need one like adults.

  2. Malakai's first flu shot was last year at about 6 months old so he should only need one this go around.
    We hadn't made it in before getting sick. I"m going to call in today to see if it would be okay to take him in when he may have already been exposed...


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