Sunday, November 21, 2010


Five years ago today Ben + I became a couple. We had met about 7 months prior through mutual friends, then that fall we started hanging out more. I don't remember the exact day we first kissed, but it came before the relationship talk. Which, wasn't much of a talk at all really. We had just finished watching something at my apartment (I think Survivor) and were talking about how we had enjoyed stealing glances at one another around campus. It was fun to have a little bit of a secret that no one else knew about. But then Ben said, "what if we didn't keep it a secret?" Playing dumb I asked what he meant and that's when he asked me to be his girlfriend.

Neither one of us was expecting a relationship when we first started hanging out. In fact, I had once playfully told him to make sure he didn't fall in love with me or anything. I think you usually find just what you need when you aren't searching for it.

We haven't celebrated our dating anniversary since we got married in 2007. We didn't really "celebrate" today other than recognizing the time that had passed. Five years feels like a long time, in a (very) good way.

{the very first photo we took together}

Happy Five Year Date-a-versary mi amor!



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