Monday, November 8, 2010

are you ready for some football!?

Ok, I think that's actually the NFL theme song...but we went to a college game. I'm not a football person really, obviously.

Anyway,  Ben's parents have season tickets to the University of Oregon home football games. We haven't been since November 2008 which was actually the day we found out we were expecting Malakai.

We bundled up, grabbed our rain jackets and left Malakai with his Aunt "Nanner" for the afternoon...

Then the sun came out, it was gorgeous and way too hot for long sleeves. The first quarter of the game wasn't very eventful (the score was 0 to 0) but it picked up in the 2nd thankfully.

At one point they had a fist pump cam and everyone in the stadium was doing fist pumps. This of course made Ben + I think of the Loerke's over at Today's Letters (our most favorite blog) and I scrambled to get a photo for them as fast as I could. 

{snapped this on my cell phone}

Ben + I had a great time and we were able to enjoy ourselves knowing that Malakai napped well while we were gone. The Ducks went on to win the game remaining undefeated, still #1.

Maybe we'll take Kai with us next season for his 1st game. 

What did you do over the weekend?


  1. oh fun! It was Jacks birthday, so we partied it up one year old style!!

  2. your most favorite blog? yesssssssssssssss. sending you four fist pumps and a leg kick for your shirtless football fan. xoxo


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