Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thankful on a Thursday: in spite of pain

We have had a really interesting week. Unfortunately there were a couple of tragic accidents affecting two different groups of family + friends. My brother lost a childhood friend, just 17 years old, in a BMX accident on Sunday. We've been praying fervently for his family and all the loved ones mourning his loss. Then yesterday we found out that a friend rom our church was severely injured in a motorbike accident in Laos where she just recently moved to teach. She has many injuries requiring many surgeries. Her parents have rushed to her side. Again, we are dedicated in prayer over her healing. We serve such a mighty God.

In spite of the bad, today is meant for focusing on the good. Thursday always arrives right on time.

This week I'm thankful for...

341. dinner out last weekend + watching these two together.

{Liam + Malakai}

342. getting Ben a treat, he loves trying new beers.

{seasonal brews are the best}

343. deep, meaningful, spirit-filled moments.

344. sunny fall afternoons, watching Kai explore our backyard.

345. Ben's sweet new blog. He surprised me with the first post and I eagerly anticipate each new story.

346. getting a love letter in the mail from my husband that made me blush.

347.  thoughtful housewarming gifts + the inspiration to try new things.

348. discovering the Dollar Tree down the street is still open.

349. reinventing playtime.

350. last night's dinner + casual conversation with some of our best friends.

What are you thankful for?


  1. First, that's my favorite kind of seasonal beer! You'll have to let me know if Ben enjoys it! Also, I saw another version of the pumpkin roll recipe today... and I think I may try it. It calls for pecans instead of walnuts and the ingredients are different. We should do a taste test and see which is the better recipe! My husband LOVES pumpkin... so I am excited to try something new. Hope you're doing well!!!

  2. we both really liked the pumpkin ale! Great flavors.

    I forgot to mention in my previous post that I actually left the nuts out of the recipe. Neither of us really cares for nuts in baked goods so I just left them out!


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