Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thankful on a Thursday: motivation

We're expecting house guests tomorrow and because I'm a special kind of crazy, I also chose this weekend for our open house. Both of these things have surely been the motivation we needed to get our house together.

We've painted and installed the new kitchen faucet that we bought before we even owned the place. Half of our house now has stuff hanging from the walls. I've unpacked and set up the entire guest room.

Just to give you an idea of how far our house has come in the last 6 months, here is the progression of our guest room.

When we moved in, March of 2010 this was the "catch all" room.

It stayed this way until we got our other bed out of storage from Ben's parents house. Then we had to move the big things out and the boxes against the walls.

Then we brought the ab lounge out of retirement for a bit. Except, the laundry used it more than we did.

{can you even see it in this photo? ha!}

That's what it looked like just last week. Giant 7 foot tall stack of boxes was long gone but there was still a mess of toys and the boxes to the left to contend with. 

Today it looks like this!

{map of Oahu, repurposed wine-rack, and Malakai}

{overflowing bulletin board, craft cart + sewing machine that I barely know how to use, dresser with more craft items on top + inside}

The entire bottom shelf of that craft cart is full of gift bags, gift boxes, and tissue paper that I've saved for the last 3 + years. From bridal showers, our wedding, birthdays + other holidays and of course baby showers. I saved it all and just reuse one since I have something for EVERY occasion in there.

I'm beyond excited to have this room done. It has been the door that always stays closed when people stop by because of it's scary mess. Who am I kidding, that door is closed when it's just us to keep Kai out of it! 

Tonight we put the finishing touches on the rest of the house. I'm really looking forward to decorating these bare walls! 

This week I'm so thankful for...

331. feeling at home in our "new" house. 

332. my mom stopping by to lend me a jelly roll pan so I can make this for the open house. 

333. fog in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon.

334. a quiet moment to myself to finish up this post and get to baking.

335. all the friends + family who are coming to see us this weekend.

336. Malakai's growing personality.

337. Ben's non-stop hard work on the job and at home.

338. the baby gate that arrived in the mail on Monday. 

339. our self-soothing sleeper.

340. inspiration.

What are you thankful for?


  1. so inspiring! We have a room JUST like that and we've lived in our home from almost 2 years and it still is covered in boxes. You've inspired me to get a move on it!

  2. I ordered a baby gate online too! I ordered it on Saturday. It probably won't come in until late next week, but I can't wait. Currently, I'm using the Pack-N-Play as a temporary gate, but Liam has now learned how to push it out of the way. That kid just keeps getting cleverer.


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