Friday, October 8, 2010


After I cut Malakai's hair, he made a transformation. From sweet baby with the whispy curls to little boy with a big kid style. Oddly enough it seemed that his mannerisms also matured just as suddenly. The very next day he started handing me every little speck of dirt or shred of paper he found {where before it would go straight into his mouth}.

As the past week has progressed, so has his little boy behavior. On Monday he found his shoes and tried to put them on himself. He got frustrated so I offered my help. He gave me an enormous grin and proceeded to stomp around the dining room.

Later that evening I did something I used to do with my little sister. I pulled him around in the laundry basket by a robe belt. He LOVED it. I was getting exhausted, but every time I stopped he'd protest for more by bouncing and grunting at me. This lasted for a good 20 minutes.

While we were out running errands at one point in the week I was feeding him a snack and he was able to eat out of the bag fairly neatly. I tried again at home and he snacked away without turned it over once!

He's also been sleeping better. Tuesday was a struggle at first because Ben usually puts him to bed, but was at worship band practice. He went to bed late, but slept all night. He has put himself to sleep for bed and naps the past two days. 

{doesn't his bed look comfortable?}

Kai has always been curious, and that hasn't changed much. However, he has been more observant here and there where he usually touches + grabs things. He stood watching Ben practice guitar for nearly 10 minutes straight before trying out the knobs. 

I also recently just put away a bunch of his 12 month clothes already. While I was doing that, I noticed his winter jacket that we got for Christmas last year. He wasn't quite ready for an actual coat so we exchanged for what size we thought he could wear by the time winter came this year. It's 24 months, and he's not quiiiite there yet. 

We both really enjoyed finding that out. I was laughing pretty hard at his little legs peeking out of the bottom of this long jacket and he loves making mama laugh almost as much as daddy does. 

Guess there are still some things he's not ready for, and that's just fine with me.

Happy weekend!

P.S. please forgive me any typos, I'm typing this as Malakai is fighting a nap and don't have time to spell/grammar check.


  1. What a big boy! Me and my siblings used to do the laundry basket ride too!!

  2. Hi there! I am your newest follower. I found you from the blog hop. I think it was an old linky so I'm extremely late but here none the less. I love finding new blogs and your is lovely:) You can find me at

  3. hahaha those coat pictures are too cute! I just love it when they do something funny, so you laugh and then they start giggling, and neither one of you can stop! It's the best :) He precious!

  4. I had that same experience the first time I cute Jayden's hair. It was a little troubling to me. How old did he just get one me?!? Our little men are growing up!!


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