Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Somehow I missed posting about our last "swim" of the summer on Mima's birthday {my mom}, which was September 25th. The weather was beautiful, just a week after our rainy lake weekend. It got up to 80 degrees, but unfortunately the cold weather prior to that day made the inground pool a little dirty. So we broke out the kiddie pool... for Mima to cool off in the sun.

Then Malakai joined her. And G'Pa came out to play too.

Later we showered my mom with her birthday gifts.

Then we ate dinner. And someone was VERY tired. He spaced out like this, even while the family was having a very loud conversation in the kitchen a few feet away. 

It was a fun day of celebrating my mom + enjoying the last day out by the pool. 


  1. Is the blond woman your mother????? I just can't believe that! wow, you have lucky genes!

  2. yep, that's my mom and Malakai's grandma! I can only hope to look as good as her in 20 years!


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