Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thankful on a Thursday: back to basics.

I've noticed that my Thankful on a Thursday posts have been one of the only times {if not THE only time} that I chronicle our daily lives. I got backed up on a bunch of reviews and giveaways but am almost completely caught up. I'm going to take a break from any giveaways for a while and focus on the reason I started blogging in the first place. This means more posts about Malakai, what I'm doing around our new home, family updates, and most likely more cooking + baking.

This week I'm thankful for...

301. the beauty of the Harvest Moon {and Jupiter}. Be sure to check it out again tonight.

302. the sound of the wind + light rain patting on our huge maple tree as I carry my sleeping boy on my shoulder from the car to his crib.

303. having a very productive week. I got a ton of unpacking + organizing done in the guestroom on Tuesday.

304. Malakai's epic nap. I was able to get the previously mentioned things done because my amazing son napped for 4 and a half hours! I'm not counting on that ever happening again!

305. My good friend Jamie. Even though she was resting at home, feeling sick, she let me bring over my sopping wet laundry when our dryer broke. It was great to sit and chat with her on a Monday.

306. Saving money. Ben + I have cut extra expenses and we're starting to see the difference in our bank accounts. Motivation to keep saving instead of spending.

307. Our funny boy. Malakai was toting around the box of crackers, and I didn't realize he had turned it upside down and was shaking it until it was too late...

{confessions: we put them back in the bag...}

{...and let him eat one off the floor}

308. the day off. I have a day off because poor Henry is sick today. I'm not thankful that he's not feeling well, but I'm starting to feel under the weather and am hoping that resting today will help me fight it.

309. a heavier blanket to sleep under. I love the weight + warmth of a fluffy down comforter.

310. the forecast for warmer weather. I'm hoping my mom gets her birthday wish of 80 degree weather + a clear pool to swim in on Saturday.

What are you thankful for this week?

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