Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September Birthday Blitz

I may have mentioned this around here before, but in our family September is busier than Christmas time. There are 8 family birthdays and 5 of them are within our immediate families! My brother, sister, mom + dad and Ben's mom all have their birthdays this month.

For my mom-in-law's birthday on the 4th we went to their place for breakfast. All of her kids were there, which was very special for her. Malakai was in a great mood {except for when I tried to feed him scrambled eggs} and he especially loved meeting his Aunt's BIG dog, Blaze.

Family tradition on my side is to celebrate them all as a big family on Labor Day with a pool party + BBQ. Then we get together as an immediate family the day of each actual birthday to celebrate as well.

My mom made a variation of her famous brownie ice cream cake. Instead of a sheet cake she made mini-cupcake versions. This kept her from having to cut the cake or go through a second round of plates + forks. They were super cute and very yummy.

My brother + sister turn 18 and 20 this month. Here they are at the party with their cupcakes and posing before presents.

Malakai skipped his nap for the first time EVER that day and by 4pm he was still toddling around with a huge grin on his face.

Although, by dinner time he started to fall every time he tried to walk anywhere. He was so sleepy! I do my best to protect his precious nap time(s) but it just wasn't working out for our social boy that day.

Yesterday was my brother's 18th birthday so we got together at my parent's place again, just the immediate family plus his girlfriend. We ate dinner, gave him gifts and had more ice cream cupcakes. I can't believe my "baby" brother is 18, but he's far from acting like an adult yet...
{Someone got a little too greedy with the whipped topping, and somehow the two of us ended up a sticky mess}

Although I can't say that I don't feel the same thing about my little sister turning 20 later this month. After all she was having more fun with the waffle blocks than Malakai...

Three September celebrations down, three more to go!

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