Monday, September 27, 2010

Senior Year

This year is my little brother's senior year of High school. It kills me. He is 11 years younger than me, my sister is 9 years younger. Needless to say, it makes me feel old to know that this time next year they will both be in college.


Anyway, I did my sister's senior photos year before last and I took some of my brother over the weekend. I hope to take more {we couldn't convince him to change outfits and keep going} soon. I'm thinking at the park or somewhere with lots of colorful leaves when they start changing a bit more. All of these were taken at my parents' place.

{this one is mom's favorite- she was obsessing over his "baby blues"}

{had to go with some artsy lens flares}

{I had to sneak myself into one. Can you feel the love?}

What do you think?


  1. Great photos, Shandell! I bet you could make money doing photography.

  2. You did a great job and I agree with Tammy's favorite one!!

  3. Your brother is super cute and you did a great job on the photos - I'm a little jealous in fact. I got a new camera for my birthday and although I snap pictures of the boy like crazy, I really haven't had a chance to take pictures of someone who stays still!! Seriously great job!
    amber :)


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